Is software-defined everything "the death of innovation?"

Joseph Waring

Is software-defined everything "the death of innovation?"

November 26, 2013

Top 10 things heard at NetEvents Singapore cloud confab:

Juniper Networks’ Sachin Vasudeva: “Followers have to go open standard, the leader has the option to move in proprietary manner.”

HP’s Erik Papir: “Cisco has taken a different approach. SDN is changing the story, and Cisco is starting to feel it. Seems like more of the same for Cisco -- closed, proprietary systems. They realize they have to do something different and that this SDN trend is something that’s going to be around for a long time.”

Quocirca’s Clive Longbottom: “How do you get a Cisco box talking to a Juniper box at a high fidelity? We’re looking at NFV to get different vendors’ boxes to talk to each other – but are we just going down the same old proprietary path of the past where each vendor has to differentiate to compete?”

MEF president Nan Chen: “I’m tired of how slow the telecom [OSS] vendors have been at innovating and have been holding us hostage. Everything has to be customized.”

Bryce Boland, FireEye’s VP/CTO for Asia Pacific: “Today most service providers make more money selling lots of other Band-Aid solutions, like traditional firewalls, which produce a lot of false positives. And unfortunately this enables them to acquire even more money by providing investigation services.”

Morten Illum, VP & GM of HP Networking APAC: “We have not been on our game and not had enough focus on wireless. We do have a strong wireless portfolio, but have not been good enough putting it to market. That will shift in 2014 and we’ll be more aggressive.”

Wedge Networks CEO Hongwen Zhang: “We’ve long past the time when we have to boil water in a kettle to make it drinkable. Internet traffic should be the same. When you open your laptop or mobile device, you shouldn’t be worried it will be contaminated.”

Current Analysis’ Tim Dillion: “The security environment in last 10 years has changed drastically. It’s hard to measure the cost of a security breach – one could knock off 5% of [a company's] share price, cost Sony $170 million or cost $9 million per company. Cost per employee record is estimated at $20 and $220 per customer.”

Juniper’s Sachin Vasudeva: “Let me be blunt, SDN will not make the network faster, but will make it more agile, easy to use, set up and deploy. These are aspects that help bring down costs.”

Quocirca’s Clive Longbottom: “Is SDx [software defined everything] actually a constraint to innovation in the data center and the death of innovation?”



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Joseph Waring

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