Wanted: Chief Mobility Officer

11 Mar 2011

Mobile apps are becoming so pervasive that businesses will have to create a dedicated position to deal with mobile.

So says a new report from Forrester, which projects that the apps market – fueled not just by smartphones, but also cloud services, smart computing, consumer electronics and connected vehicles – will see a compound annual growth rate of 82% all the way to 2015.

And one of the consequences of the rise of this “App Internet” market will be that the line between consumers and business users – which has already become increasingly blurred thanks to smartphones – will disappear completely, reports Computerworld:

With it would come the rise of the chief mobility officer, responsible for managing App Internet efforts that span the call centre, customer service, marketing, e-commerce, and IT.

That will likely be true – at least for large companies. For smaller companies that lack the in-house tech expertise or budget, there will almost certainly be an outsourcing/managed services opportunity there, what with the mobile cloud and all.

For companies that do opt for an in-house executive, one challenge will be coming up with a job title. “Chief mobility officer” is fine, except that the initials are CMO, which is problematic if you have a chief marketing officer. Unless you make the chief marketing officer responsible for mobile apps as well.

Well, I’m sure they’ll think of something.

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