Wanted at MWC 2014: a Hong Kong pavilion

12 Mar 2013

On Monday, I participated in a panel at a Mobile Monday Hong Kong event, the theme of which was a recap of hot topics at Mobile World Congress 2013.

Much of the discussion – which included Stefan Rust (co-founder and CEO of Exicon), Chris Lau (head of Future Services for SmarTone), Jonathan Kriegel (head of business development in Asia for Vodafone Global Enterprise), Sebastian-Justus Schmidt (chairman of SPB TV) and myself – covered new devices, connected cars, connected homes, who will be the third OS, NFC, mobile payments, mobile advertising, LTE and apps, apps, apps.

One point that sticks out in my mind is Chris Lau’s observation that much of the talk about LTE at MWC highlighted just how far ahead of the 4G curve Hong Kong is in terms of both networks and services – and how little the Hong Kong government has done to promote this.

“Here in Hong Kong, LTE is basically done. You guys are all enjoying LTE networks and devices,” Lau said. “In Europe, they’re still talking about spectrum auctions.”

Indeed, all of Hong Kong’s 3G operators have already launched commercial LTE services. (China Mobile has even launched a dual FDD/TD-LTE network, although it’s not selling services for it just yet.)

Lau said he was disappointed to find no Hong Kong government representatives at MWC, despite Hong Kong’s leading-edge status in LTE adoption.

“I saw a lot of country pavilions [at MWC], and I thought, hey – since our government has so much surplus that they don’t know how to spend it, how about having a Hong Kong pavilion next year in Barcelona?” Lau said. “There’s plenty of developer activity and marketing activity going on in this town.”

You can listen to the rest of the conversation via Soundcloud.

And for more on MoMo HK, you can find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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