Wearable Woman! Wait, what?

15 Apr 2015

As featured in Disruptive Views

The conference industry appears to have been taking steroids over the winter months based on the number of events suddenly appearing. I would even go as far as to say that some conference organisers may have even indulged in mind-altering substances during the colder months based on some of the more outlandish emails that came to me.

No sooner has a new term gotten airplay in the press that someone wants to hold an event in commemoration. It seems that ‘wearables’ have suddenly become hip and require two days of your undivided attention. I’m guessing you have to do something out of the ordinary to attract the punters to your event, and if you are one of ten to choose from, you have to get it right first time.

It would be very easy to come up with some really whacky concepts around wearable technology and even make serious fun of some of the equally whacky ideas people are promoting (goodness knows I’ve tried) but IQPC has taken crass to new levels with the introduction of ‘Wearable Woman!’

Wearable Woman (yes, that’s her real name and no, you can’t buy one) is a cartoon character and the ‘Official Superhero’ for the ‘Wearables Europe’ event planned for May in London. According to the downloaded comic strip she is featured in: “As a young girl she was magically enhanced by her wearable technology devices and now as an adult her mission is to save the lives of those in the business world who could better improve their processes, aims and outcomes through the uptake of the right wearable software. We find Wearable Woman midst adventure as she battles against the forces that oppose innovation and seek to destroy the advancement of technology.”

I kid you not! WW wears a white leotard and leggings, purple knickers, long gloves and a flowing purple cape that all highlight her ample and rather muscular frame. Even more fascinating is that she is dark-skinned (probably Amazonian judging from her general demeanor), she has long, flowing, highlighted hair and a yellow headband that appears to hold a green gemstone in the center of her forehead. (You’ll have to follow the link above to see her true image.)

Now, I’m sure all this has gotten your attention but it is Wonder Woman’s intellect that really gets you in. For example: “Wearables worn around the wrist or around the neck tend to obscure what is really going on with the body.” And this gem, “Wearing something heavy on your head all day is just impractical. The biggest challenges enterprise wearables face are centered around how the wearable fits with human physiology. Most of the products that you see out there are big, bulky, and too heavy to really use in the real world.”

Despite being the new symbol of the wearables industry, WW does not appear to be wearing any wearables herself. Was this an oversight by her creator or will her wearables be exposed in a future episode? That is, presuming women’s action groups don’t black ban her in the meantime!

As for the event itself, it currently features one speaker from Google and lots of others from companies I have never heard of that are, no doubt, leaders in the wearable space. With any luck, WW will make a personal appearance at the event. That would certainly get the numbers in, but I’m not sure if it would be the market sector IQPC is hoping for. You be the judge.

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