What we talk about when we talk about next-gen optical

27 Mar 2014

I spent some time at the WDM & Next-Generation Optical Networking APAC event in Singapore this week. Here’s some of the buzz I picked up from the show floor.

Re: What’s the biggest topic/issue/concern about WDM and optical you’re hearing at the show?

“There’s a lot of discussion about core networks moving to 400G, terabit, things like that in the future. But from our point of view there’s still a lot of work to be done in the metro network – how do you fill those pipes in a very economic way and an easy and scalable way?” – Jon Baldry, technical marketing director, Transmode

“We’re all talking about similar types of visions and directions in terms of how we’re going to get there, and some of the steps along the way in terms of, say, adaptive rates where we trade off performance for distance, for example. One of the topics that’s beginning to be broached a bit more is SDN, which is still very much at the early stages – we haven't really seen detailed solutions for that yet.” – Jonathan Homa, director of optical networks marketing, ECI Telecom

“As of now, the thing is that telecom operators are facing challenges in terms of generating internal revenue to deploy next-generation solutions. The main challenge is money constraints.” – Sanket Garg, technical specialist, Wipro

“I think the biggest issue for the customers is whether they can get the highest bandwidth out of the WDM layer, how they can make the network and the traffic more efficient and reduce the opex and capex for their applications.” – Jason Zhu, CTO for Singapore and Brunei, Alcatel-Lucent

“We’re seeing an interesting mix of people at the show. We’re seeing some that are on the verge of transitioning to 100G, and some that are looking at deploying 100G and looking at what’s next beyond 100G … [but] I’d say that the cost component of 100G is still too high. By driving down the cost and making it easier to get into 100G technology, then we’ll see much broader deployment of 100G.” – Ron Johnson, director of product marketing, Cisco Systems

Video is available here (or above, obviously).

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