Disco Football - Football Meets Dance: History of Discofoot, Game Duration, and How to Play

Eddy August
08 Jul 2024

Are you ready to enjoy some soccer with a groove? Disco football, also called discofoot is an exciting game that incorporates disco with dance. Forget about the masculinity in professional football. In discofoot, players are busy dancing. This game follows the basic rules and forms of football but with some set choreographic elements. Players need to dance to move on the field - no running. The aim is to score goals while dancing to the rhythm. The fans are not only excited about the goals but also by the dance moves. This guide covers everything you would like to know about the game. Let’s dig in!

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Discofoot Review

Where Did Discofoot Originate?

Disco football originated in France from a dance company called Ballet de Lorraine. The company’s dancers play discofoot during tours delightfully and creatively. If you would like to enjoy the fun, follow Ballet de Lorraine and stay updated with their public discofoot matches.

Discofootball Game Duration

A discofoot match has two 10-minute halves, separated by a 5-minute break. A typical match starts like normal football with some announcements, a warm-up, an anthem, a handshake, and team photo, etc.

First Half: 10 minutes;

Halftime: 5 minutes: The break starts with a 2-minute choreographed stretch. Next, each team is awarded artistic scores by a team of professional judges. The maximum point given per team is 6. These points are calculated with the final goals and the scores are announced.

Second Half: 10 minutes: Second half points are tallied with the artistic points and added to the points in the first half.

Penalty shootout: They announce the winning team and a trophy is awarded. 

Discofoot Teams and Players

A discofoot match features two teams with 12 players each. The game differs from professional football since it is not gender-based. Both males and females participate in the game hence eliminating the masculinity associated with football. This promotes unity and diversity when people take part in the game together and boosts more possibilities on the field. Players wear football jerseys with some attractive golden booty shorts, giving the soccer field a glittering dance floor effect.

How to Play and Game Rules

The main rule of this game is players should not run. The only way you can move in the field is through dancing. Standing still is also not allowed in discofoot. Players need to keep shimmying, moving, or staying. And you dont just dance, your team needs skills since there is a panel of judges who give scores twice during the game.

The scores from the first half and the second half are added to the final goals to determine the winning team. If a team gets higher scores from the judges for their superb dancing, they win even if they have not scored a goal. When it comes to goals, it's not just about scoring, how you finesse the goal matters. Judges also consider your dance creativity and finesse.

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