How To Watch Giro d’Italia 2022 Live Streams

Rajiv Oteh
02 May 2022

Sports cycling enthusiasts are gearing up for the upcoming 2022 Giro d’Italia, this year's edition will be the 105th since the race started so many years ago, and will kick off on the 6th to 29th of May 2022. This year's prestigious professional cycle racing will be held in Hungary, Slovenia, and Italy, and will include participating teams from France, Belgium, Kazakhstan, Bahrain, Italy, United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Israel, Australia, Spain, Netherlands, and the UAE. If you are wondering how many stages are in the race, competitors will be completing up to 21 stages, covering a distance of over 3,410.3 km.

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Image of the Giro d’Italia 2022 Budapest
Giro d’Italia 2022 Budapest image
Giro d’Italia 2022
Giro d’Italia 2022

How Can I Watch The Giro D’Italia 2022 Live

If the Giro d’Italia how to watch is a problem for lots of fans in the UK, as a resolve for fans who won’t be able to be on the ground to watch the Giro d’Italia live from where is happening, users can watch the race live from certain locations which will be discussed in the thread below:

Watch The Giro D’italia 2022 Live In The UK

The 2022 Giro d’Italia cycle racing competition held in Budapest, will be aired live to UK fans. Sports media giants Eurosport and the GCN Network will be providing live streaming services for them. Giro d’Italia 2022 TV coverage UK will be possible via access from the Eurosport for a subscription fee of 39.99 Euros yearly/6.99 Euros monthly, while the GCN Network charges 39.99 yearly

Watch The Giro D’italia 2022 Live In The US

Cycle racing fans in the US are not left out of the thrilling experience of the bountiful event that the Giro d’Italia brings with it, as GCN Network offers them an opportunity to watch every bit of action from the 2022 Giro d’Italia.

Watch The Giro D’italia 2022 Live In The Australia

Australia is another country that will televise the Giro d’Italia live for fans of the professional cycle racing competition which will be held in Budapest. The GCN Network will do the honours by providing fans with all the thrills that come with this sporting event.

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How Can I Follow The Giro D’Italia 2022 If I Can’t Watch Live Coverage?

Lots of cycle racing fans are unable to be on the ground to witness the Giro d’Italia live from the event centre, as a result of their job, tight schedules, or present location. Regardless, they can still watch every bit of the event from wherever they are. This year's Giro d’Italia will be aired on several sports channels across the globe, and fans can also live-stream these events from the comfort of wherever they are, and in most cases implore the help of a paid VPN.

Giro D’Italia 2022 Schedulo

Fans of the Giro d’Italia need not worry about how they can know about the schedule of the professional cycle race event, as they can view with dates in the table below for more deets:

May 6th 1Visegrad, Budapest195km
May 7th 2Budapest, Budapest9.2km
May 8th 3Kaposvar, Balalonfured201km
May 10th 4
Avola - Etna-Nicolosi172km
May 11th 5
Catania - Messina174km
May 12th 6
Palmi - Scalea192km
May 13th 7
Diamante - Potenza196km
May 14th 8
Napoli - Napoli153km
May 15th 9
Isernia - Blockhaus191km
May 17th 10Pescara - Jesi196km
May 18th 11Santarcangelo di Romagna203km
May 19th 12Parma - Genova204km
May 20th 13Sanremo - Cuneo150km
May 21th 14Santena - Torino147km
May 22th 15Rivarolo Canavese - Cogne178km
May 24th 16Salo - Aprica202km
May 25th 17Ponte di Legno - Lavarone168km
May 26th 18
Borgo Valsugana - Treviso152km
May 27th 19
Marano Lagunare - Santuario di Castelmonte177km
May 28th 20Belluno - Marmolada168km
May 29th 21Verona17.4km
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