Keshandr About Career Start, Vega Squadron And The Toughest Game Moment

Alisa Barladyan
15 Dec 2021
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Sergey Nikishin, a former professional CS:GO player, told about his career start, Vega Squadron and the most challenging game moment.

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Sergey Nikishin

- Hi. Tell us a little bit about yourself: where are you from, and how did you get acquainted with games?

- Hi! My name is keshandr. I'm from Kursk. I got acquainted with games back in 2005 in a gaming club called Legion.

- What was going on at the start of your career? What was your first stack?

- My first stack consisted of Kursk guys in CS 1.6) and in CS:GO, there were many stacks. I don't remember all of them.

- You've been playing in Vega Squadron since 2015. How has the squad been formed?

- It was collected thanks to our coach Vidoq, who looked at each of us and saw great potential. Thanks to him a lot for that. He's a talented person, and I have a lot of respect for him.

- How was the organization in 2015 different from 2018?

- Nothing, everything was always on the top level, the director did everything for us.

- You performed pretty well in 2017. You made it to the majors. What was the reason for your success?

- It was perseverance, understanding each other, each of us being unique in our way, and we completed each other. If we fought, we reconciled almost immediately that day.

- After that, you've rarely been seen in the media. Tell me why.

- I was busy doing things, relaxing.

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- A lot of people don't understand what you do now. Tell us about your activities and plans for the near future.

- I do many things, such as playing for VCTRY Esports [Valorant] as a coach.

- Have you been offered to play anywhere since Vega Squadron?

- Yes, I have been offered to play in many teams.

- If not in eSports, where would you go?

- Nowhere, just cyber-sports and everything connected to it. One Love.

- Do you follow the CS scene now?

- Yeah, I do.

- Think back to your most challenging game moment.

- Major, de_cache, attack, putting a bomb on B, clutch situation 1vs2 vs NiP (Get_RiGhT and pyth) showing the oneway trick in site, executing clutch, easy.

- Name the match you remember the most and why?

- Vega vs FaZe 16-6 Major, well prepared, and fully executed all their plans with A+.

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какая-то хрень, а не интервью, про валорант вообще всего один вопрос, трэш