Abu Saeed Khan

May 14, 2012  |  1 comments

ITU Secretary-General Hamadoun Touré has urged regulators “to lessen the... burden on mobile operators by reducing license fees and taxation.”

While addressing regulators during this year’s Mobile World Congress at Barcelona, he also said that auctioning of spectrum “is far from ideal” and “alternative solutions” should be developed.

ITU doesn’t publicly criticize its members - especially the governments of developing and underdeveloped countries - on sensitive issues like taxation or spectrum. To remain politically correct, Touré also turned his gun at the “high charges” the mobile industry “imposes on consumers through roaming.” His comments were reported on in page 10 of the ...    


February 07, 2012

The government has suggested that Indian mobile operators be allowed to borrow from the banks keeping spectrum as collateral. If an operator defaults or its license gets cancelled, the bank can confiscate the spectrum. India’s finance ministry has asked the telecom department to modify its policy to materialize the plan.   There are few points to ponder.   Spectrum is an intangible and indestructible atmospheric asset, which cannot be stored or transported anywhere. And it has no internationally recognized price tag either. Such unique asset is too complex to be treated as collateral. Banks expect collateral to be easily tradable for quick recovery of ...    



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