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Don Sambandaraksa

March 14, 2012

As featured on TM Forum’s the Insider Blog

Online security continues to be a major issue as we search for technology that will help tilt the equation in favor of the service providers and away from the fraudsters.

If the following is true, we may soon forget those passwords, PIN numbers, security tokens, voice recognition, et al – because the solution may lie in the connection itself.

It seems the latest breakthrough in online security recognizes the 'fingerprints' embedded by the network, handsets, exchanges, switches and other call-routing infrastructure onto the audio of any phone call.

This is the phenomenon that security company, Pindrop, ...    


March 12, 2012

A while back, when I told one of my colleagues that I was having lunch with the new country manager of Alcatel-Lucent Thailand, her response was, “Why?”

True, Alcatel-Lucent has not exactly been winning many 3G roll-out contracts recently and their track-record in LTE seems to be concentrated to the Americas, but after touching base, I am happy to report that their enthusiasm and drive seems to be alive and kicking.

After meeting Sebestian Laurent, Alcatel-Lucent’s new President and Managing Director for Thailand, I left feeling quite convinced about how the vendor's vision of the future made sense. Radio was rapidly becoming ...    


March 09, 2012

The third generation of the watershed iPad has just been announced to much fanfare. As expected the device boasts many of the anticipated features widely expected, such as an improved 5 megapixel camera, HD display and a beefed-up processor, which will be a boon to tablet gamers.

The other feature which is being widely heralded in the press is 4G LTE connectivity. While this is of course a positive development, consumers looking for a true 4G experience will likely be disappointed, at least for awhile, in the vast majority of countries in the region. This is because unless you happen to ...    


March 09, 2012  |  2 comments

The world has its eyes on Thailand’s tablet PC program as a model for developing countries. Everyone is looking at how the Thai mega-project plays out in terms of usability, connectivity, cloud and training of the trainers; how it will transform education in a low-income setting.

Sadly, the program itself is almost beside the point, lost in a whirlwind of politics and power play in the fight for budget and for media control, a fight that threatens to spin out of control and delay the country’s already badly delayed 3G licence auction even further.

The one tablet per child program stemmed from ...    


March 08, 2012

If you’re looking for evidence of the growing role of women in the telecoms industry, look no further than the news that Russian OSS/BSS vendor CBOSS has been banned from the next Mobile World Congress by organizer GSM Association.

Reports on various sites state the GSMA took action following regulatory breaches by the vendor, which is more famous for its dancing girls – the CBOSS Stars – than its equipment.

Debate raged at the recent event over whether the girls were getting younger every year or if we were all just getting older. Not that the question deterred the usual crowds of ...