John C. Tanner

March 05, 2012

And now, for your pleasure, random bonus scenes from last week’s Mobile World Congress.

Robots at rock concerts   Part of Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt’s future vision – the one where the world evolves from a divide of haves and have-nots to a connected hierarchy of ultra-connected, connected contributors and the aspiring majority – includes robot avatars.    “One day you’ll use a robot to attend separate events simultaneously,” he said. “You could be here in Barcelona while your robot attends a rock concert.”   That’s if you’re part of the ultra-connected, of course. If you’re part of the connected contributors, you’ll only be using holopresence ...    


March 01, 2012

Nokia’s aspirations to develop Microsoft’s Windows Phone as the “third ecosystem” could be thwarted by an unlikely but powerful challenger: Facebook.

Nokia chief Stephen Elop spent a press event Monday and the Wednesday morning keynote at the Mobile World Congress reiterating Nokia’s mission to develop Windows Phone into the next big apps ecosystem after Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Inevitably, the Wednesday panel discussion turned to Windows Phone’s chances of greatness after years of languishing in niche territory.   Unsurprisingly, Elop stuck to his guns, pointing out that all the numbers are going up and that Nokia’s plans to put location-based services at ...    


February 29, 2012

“Mobile cloud” was the topic du jour for the second round of morning keynotes at the Mobile World Congress Tuesday, but C-level executives spent much of their stage time talking less about the cloud itself and more about the havoc cloud is wreaking on the telecoms sector and the changes it’s undergoing as a result.

Deutsche Telekom CEO Rene Obermann said the cloud was an opportunity for telcos to “make the most of our assets” and transform themselves into smart pipes.   “Most people expect us to become dumb pipes, but that’s wrong. The question of whether we will be dumb pipes or ...    


February 28, 2012

Nokia kicked off this year’s MWC by assuring everyone that its “third ecosystem” strategy was going great guns – and so are all its other ecosystems.

“One year ago, we outlined our new strategy and gave a clear direction of where we were going,” Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said at a launch event at the Mobile World Congress Monday. “It’s been a very challenging year, but a very amazing one.”   Elop said the Windows Marketplace has grown to 65,000 apps, while Nokia’s Windows-powered Lumia 710 and 800 smartphones are now selling in 31 markets with 50 operators. Elop added that Lumia has ...    


February 27, 2012

This year’s Mobile World Congress will be covering all the usual bases, from sexy handset announcements to apps and mobile payments. But one new-ish topic you’ll be hearing more of this year than you have in the past (besides the cloud, I mean) is small cells.

Technically that includes femtocells, which have been showcased at the last several MWC events. But the onset of LTE deployments around the world is putting emphasis on small cells and heterogeneous networks (hetnets), which can include everything from picocells and microcells using licensed spectrum to Wi-Fi hotspots for data offload.   Indeed, Wi-Fi – once the pariah ...    



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