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April 24, 2019

Carriers like to bundle services. Fixed-mobile convergence and bundling has been a topic for at least 20 years. Now carriers want to bundle media content and other services to tie customers. However customers actually often prefer freedom. The latest survey in the UK showed, many people feel only SIM offers the best value. Does it make sense for carriers to take customer preferences seriously?

I need mobile service from many countries, as I travel a lot and spend also longer times in several places. I have learned to like very simple packages, I get only a SIM card, I know exactly... MORE

March 04, 2019

Once again we concluded the annual week of mobile people in Barcelona. The official program was full of 5G, IoT, AI, Edge and all other usual suspects. The week includes always some new things, but also several things that never change. Let’s look at the unofficial part of the event in this year.

The weather was extremely nice, especially compared to the last year, when it was snowing. The coffee and catering places at the event offered no surprises, they still offer the highest prices, slowest customer service, and most tasteless sandwiches in Barcelona. This year anyway their... MORE

February 28, 2019

Last year MWC was the time of minimum knowledge and maximum hype for blockchain. Now we have much less hype, but there are also much more real uses for blockchain. Edge has had much less general hype, rather it has been telco hype. But actually Edge and blockchain together can be components for true significant changes in internet services; to the point where the internet is not same anymore.

For example, last year I was listening to a middle Asian telco describing a strategy to conduct bitcoin mining, because they have cheap electricity. I see great longer-term opportunities with... MORE

February 27, 2019

Simplicity is one important theme at MWC 2019. It is, of course, not a solution as such, but it a success factor for all solutions. This is nothing new, but it is becoming very relevant with 5G, IoT, data and security. Many parties can build technology, but who can offer simplicity to users will win.

IoT enables the collection of data everywhere and control of devices everywhere. It will create billions or trillions of data and control points. But it is a very long way from all these sensors and devices to smart homes, smart cities and applications to help peoples every day life.... MORE

January 23, 2019

“M-Pesa is a great example of how money goes to the mobile, and telcos have a great opportunity to be banks in the emerging economies.” “Telcos are going to challenge banks in the emerging markets when services go to the mobile.” I have heard these sentences many times during the last 10 years. I would like to see something new and more concrete examples of telco forays into financial services. Is it just a nice dream? Or how will it become reality?

M-Pesa started in Kenya in 2007. It has been successful there and expanded to offer more services like Google Play support and... MORE

December 04, 2018

Smart watches are making their breakthrough and getting people to monitor their health data. Insurance companies and health care providers are developing new products that utilize customer’s data in the service and pricing. Now Amazon, Alphabet and Apple are interested in the health care business. Telcos must also think through their positions.

I wrote earlier that health data is to smart watches what camera and social sharing is to mobile phones (read more here). It is one important service category, and and a reason people are now buying those products, and companies can start to... MORE

November 13, 2018

The cloud business is very much dominated by Amazon, Microsoft and Google, although there are many more regional, niche or smaller cloud providers. The push towards edge and serverless computing mean many technical changes for cloud services. It can also change the market, and offer opportunities to other players like telcos.

Current cloud architecture is very centralized, although there are regional clouds. Edge computing is bringing processing nearer the users. Serverless (read my earlier article about serverless) make the actual servers invisible to the users and programmers.... MORE

October 03, 2018

We had this slogan ‘live your data’ for our data analytics company in 2007. The company was growing, attracted investors and many new people, and especially the new management and marketing people thought the slogan is too abstract and unclear. I think I had quite a lot of responsibility with that slogan. Probably it was too early, but we now are coming to an era that we can say people truly live their data.

Maybe it is still abstract, but let me try to explain the background. We already made very advanced analytics, combining traditional segmentation, machine learning behavior and... MORE