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September 19, 2018

Apple published new phones as usual in mid-September. They were developed versions from earlier models, but nothing truly special. People don’t wait for new phone announcements as they did five years ago. Now smart watches have started to become a more important part of the device ecosystem. They are about data, especially health data. We can say data, health and safety is for smart watches as camera and social sharing is for phones.

Smart watches are not yet mature the way the phones are, they are actually in very early stage and still waiting to get to the mainstream. I have been... MORE

August 27, 2018

Since Web 2.0 became important, many companies have wanted and claimed to create Web 3.0. The label has mainly been artificial. For example, the semantic web has been a candidate for this role, but we haven’t really seen it or what it might mean in practice. Now we again have a strong candidate for this role:  a blockchain-based distributed web.

Web 2.0 means especially more interactive web services, user generated content and social media. It changed internet services significantly from the broadcast model to real interaction between people. Those interactive social media type... MORE

July 10, 2018

Digitization is coming to all services, also linked to physical services. It will change the user experience significantly. It helps us to get rid of many complex and time-consuming processes. Especially the combination of blockchain and IoT offers new powerful tools for this.

Let’s take examples that have been introduced to me most recently.

When you buy a house in the future, you can sign the agreement with a smart contract. This signing then triggers an automated process. The payments and loan agreements are accomplished. You are sent digital keys (e.g. to your mobile)... MORE

May 29, 2018

Telecom carriers have looked for a role beyond the bit-pipe for years. Now it looks like the evolving TV and content business is a new game that they want to participate in. Netflix and Amazon are leading the streaming business globally and have stepped to produce their own content too. Now there are signs that some carriers want to enter this business. But consequences can be complex to evaluate.

In the US AT&T has tried to merge with Time Warner, but the merger is now a legal battlefield. There are also other similar activities around the world. Maybe the latest one is that... MORE

March 26, 2018

Cambridge Analytica and Facebook data have made headlines during the last few weeks. I wrote about this already a year ago for TelecomAsia (read here). Information on most concerns and issues were available already then. The only real new piece of information is the role of another Cambridge University academic project that used Facebook’s data and help to develop analytics models. The discussion now focuses on one case and one scandal, but it is worthwhile to look at what is really going on in the data business.

The issues with Cambridge Analytica and Facebook are really only the... MORE

March 06, 2018

Many people come to MWC to work hard, have business meetings and also participate in networking events. But as we know, each business, industry and event also has its more ironic parts. Especially if you have been to the event many times, you cannot take all things, announcements and comments too seriously. I was again curious about some things at the event.

Barcelona is a great place to eat with very nice restaurants, tasty food and reasonable prices for great food. But inside the MWC event, it is a totally different story. The catering has been outsourced to a company and its... MORE

March 05, 2018

Startups have a complex role at MWC. The event wants to have startups and new innovations, but at the same time it is dominated by large corporations. 4YFN has been one solution to handle it and it has become more and more popular. But when the world is now overloaded with startup and pitching events, MWC should probably try to find more focus on its startup component.

4YFN has a lot of startups and also quite interesting presentations and panels nowadays. The quality of the startups varies, but on average it is not great compared to many other startup events. Maybe part of the... MORE

March 01, 2018

FinTech is not the focus of MWC, but nowadays FinTech is somehow linked to many services, and definitely finance is entering mobile. In that way it is somehow surprising that FinTech hasn’t a more prominent role at MWC. There are components that help with FinTech on show, but a larger understanding and ecosystem point of view are missing.

Blockchain is a newcomer also at MWC. There seems to be a wild variety of scenarios where blockhain is planned to be utilized. Some companies have started to offer blockchain-as-a-service, some focus on managing ID or wallets with blockchain, and... MORE