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January 14, 2014

Now is the time of many New Year predictions. Instead of predictions, I would like to make my 2014 wish list. We cannot expect any dramatic changes in 2014, but there are several trends that make the telco and mobile businesses more challenging. Sooner or later telcos, phone vendors and app developers must decide, how they make money and profit in the future. It is hard to make money by selling only smartphones (see Surviving in the smartphone business). Telcos are struggling with declining voice and SMS ARPU. Generally customers are not too happy with Telco's and their customer service (see... MORE

December 11, 2013

ISP’s, carriers and mobile service providers need new revenue sources and models. Content is one possible model. We have already an ISP that offers access to newspaper articles, cooperates with Apple iTunes and App Store, and conducts mobile advertising. They have also got millions of people to use mobile payment. This innovator is Starbucks. Starbucks has for a long time offered free WiFi access in its stores in many countries, but of course they get users to pay in coffee, and partners pay too. For example, in the US Starbucks has offered WiFi with AT&T since 2008. Now they are moving... MORE