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February 28, 2018

Clouds have come to dominate computing and data services. At the same time there are more and more devices connected to the internet, devices have more data, make more real time actions based on data and users want to have more control. This all means that one totally centralized cloud model is not enough. We have to adopt more distributed - technically speaking Edge computing - models.

I have written earlier about personal AI and distributed data models. Both are demonstrations that there is a need to distribute data and its processing. Those services could still be cloud based,... MORE

February 27, 2018

Data has been an important topic at Mobile World Congress for many years. This is the case at MWC2018 too, but with some new angles and perspectives. Data privacy, user control of his or her own data, and ethics have become important topics in discussions. This is also linked to the development of AI, when machines are becoming more autonomous to use data and make decisions. This doesn’t happen only at MWC, but we can say the data business and discussion are stepping to a new era.

There are still many companies that are mainly talk, making promises about how they can collect more... MORE

February 20, 2018

I was recently sitting on the London Underground and observing how every person uses their mobile phones. It reminded me of times 18 years ago. I then worked first for Nokia in Asia and subsequently for a leading management consulting firm in London, and we spent a lot of time developing 3G strategies and business plans. In the Underground I felt that all we planned for and more has happened. Except the carriers didn’t get the business they hoped for. Why, and can we learn something from this? Maybe 5G and FinTech are now in a similar planning phase.

Basically, the visions and... MORE

January 16, 2018

Amazon can already recommend you books and movies, and remind you that it is time to order more coffee or toilet paper. Many other services make recommendations for you. In these cases the service or online store has your data and makes recommendations. But we are approaching an era where you can have your own data and your AI that makes purchases your behalf. It will change the customer experience, purchase decision making and the balance of power between stores and consumers.

Now large companies, like retailers, banks and media companies especially own that data. They use this... MORE

December 20, 2017

The media industry illustrates the complexity of finding a sustainable long-term strategy. There have been moments when distribution companies have dominated the business, because they ‘own’ the customers. 

But then a content owner or distributor has created such appealing content that all customers want it, and they have started to dominate the value chains. In the next phase production studio and content creators are developing totally new offerings that everybody wants. Then it is maybe the turn of the distributors. Whenever you think the roles are clear, they change.

... MORE

December 04, 2017

Again there is speculation in the US over whether companies like Amazon, Facebook, Apple or Wal-Mart could acquire a banking license. The tradition in the US and many other countries has been that lawmakers and regulators have wanted to keep banks separated from other businesses, like retail, as it could for example create conflicts of interest in terms of making lending decisions in purchasing the company’s own products. Whatever happens about this regulation, thanks to FinTech, we’ll see more finance services integrated with other services.

If you go to buy items online, you... MORE

November 21, 2017

Equifax’s data leak was truly monumental; it involved compromised information of 145 million people. An interesting part of the story was the hearing with former and current executives of Equifax, Yahoo, and Verizon at the US Senate Commerce Committee. In this hearing the interim CEO of Equifax Paulino do Rego Barros indicated that it is Equifax and other companies that own this consumer data, not consumers, and consumers have no control over it. This even when it emerged that several customers have had their data collected without their directly knowledge. How long can it continue like... MORE

November 07, 2017

Cloud services are often seen only as server capacity, but we are now entering the phase of serverless cloud services (read more here ). We also see services from cloud companies, like Google Apps, Microsoft Office and IBM Watson. In the future cloud companies probably offer more services, not only apps but APIs, too. One area where cloud companies are getting more active is fintech.

We can simplify and divide cloud services into three categories:
1.    Infrastructure as a Service, IaaS, that is pure virtual computing resources,
2.    Platform as a Service, PaaS, that... MORE