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October 03, 2017

Everyone today knows data has a lot of value. Ten years ago, we developed a market slogan for our then data analytics company - “data is the black gold of the 21st century.” Nowadays, almost all companies share that sentiment. But it is not so simple. Oil became the black gold because it enabled freedom. The data business must achieve the same.

“We try to collect all possible data, and then we find a model to monetize it, maybe sell to advertisers,” is a common sentence in many business plans. “We help companies monetize their data,” is another typical value promise. “Let’s offer... MORE

September 07, 2017

Clouds have become the standard for many online services. Now we are really moving to serverless services that offer many benefits over the traditional cloud server models. Serverless architecture can offer better use of resources, more cost-effective pricing and also better security against some threats.

There are, of course, still servers in serverless solutions. Serverless means dynamic allocation of server resources, i.e. we don’t need to pay or rent dedicated servers, but we buy computing capacity and we can use it based on our needs. These solutions are also called Function-... MORE

August 31, 2017

Cybersecurity is seen as one of the biggest threats nowadays. It is linked to all our daily activities from electricity networks to bank accounts and daily work. It has been an unknown area for many ordinary people and for security consultants threats are good sales arguments. Finally, it looks like common sense, risk-return evaluations and usability are becoming more relevant in security planning.

I want to do something very quickly in my bank account. I quickly open a neo-bank's mobile app with my security pattern or fingerprint and do things there, or simply login to their web... MORE

August 08, 2017

The mobile phone business hasn’t really been interesting for several years, but it’s time to review the current situation regardless. Apple continues to do well with the iPhone, although it’s hard to expect significant market share growth. Nokia and Vertu demonstrate that the old days won’t come back and there are many not so well known Android phone brands. What can be concluded from the market, and what really matters now?

Samsung still dominates the smartphone market - approximately every fifth new phone is a Samsung - but has had a declining trend. Apple is number two, with an... MORE

July 03, 2017

It was a great idea to develop the SIM card for GSM phones. It made it possible to have a carrier independent phone and change carriers easily. But it is based on technology from 25 years ago. Virtual SIM cards would make much more sense nowadays. It can be a scary idea for carriers, but in the end they can be winners.

Apple has introduced their own SIM card for iPads. Google has Google Fi, a kind of Google’s international data plan that allows users to choose and change a carrier. But these are still very limited solutions only for certain devices mainly in the US. Even giants... MORE

June 12, 2017

In the EU banks must open APIs to their services, and banks plan these steps also outside the EU. Some see it as a threat and some as an opportunity for banks. But one question is whether this is so relevant anymore. Some years ago, telcos started to talk about telco 2.0 and open telco APIs, but they haven’t really become anything significant. Can it be the same situation for banking APIs?

Telcos have wanted to open APIs for many years and in that way, for example, enable third parties to offer communications services that are based on telco infrastructure. This never took off, but... MORE

May 26, 2017

I had to use quite a lot mobile data in Italy. After three SIM cards, two from TIM and one from Three, I was quite convinced I would never get what the sales person promises, especially the total data amount always included surprises. Sometimes the amount was different than promised, sometimes it just stopped working and the customer support was only in Italian. Sometimes it had strange weekly or day time, night time limits. In total I paid €95 to get 64 GB data, but in reality I got about 22 GB.

At the same in the UK I have a Three subscription that offers free roaming to 45... MORE

April 26, 2017

Over two billion working-age people have no access to ordinary finance services, like bank accounts, payment cards or loans. These people are especially in developing countries and emerging economies. But not only there, for example, in the UK two million people cannot open a bank account. Finance services are key for many other things in life, without them people are outsiders. Fintech and mobile can change all of this.

People don’t need a credit card, they need credit. People don’t need a bank account, they need a safe place to keep their money, an easy way to receive money and... MORE