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December 08, 2016

This year didn’t bring much new in the telecoms and mobile device businesses, it was just more organic development, nothing really new or game changing. The network side is waiting for 5G. The explosive Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was probably the handset that got most attention in 2016, and that really says something about how many new innovations there were in the market. Mobile payment solutions started to grow. In 2017 we cannot foresee much more innovation or disruption, but maybe the operating system and manufacturing race will enter a new phase.

Ericsson, Nokia and Huawei dominate... MORE

November 25, 2016

Hong Kong held its fintech week in early November and last week Singapore organized maybe the biggest fintech event in the world: the Singapore Fintech Festival. Fintech means many kinds of technology solutions and disruption for the finance industry. Now it has started to have impact on Asia too. And Asia has opportunities to become the center of fintech globally.

In practice fintech means many services, e.g. mobile payments, online money transfers, online lending and investing services, robo-advisors, digital investment banks, and real estate crowdfunding. It is not only new... MORE

October 25, 2016

Strategies are interesting to analyze, but it’s not easy to predict the future based on the past. Last time I wrote about telco strategies, and now AT&T’s Time Warner acquisition is an interesting new move. It is a marriage of local (US market that has global visibility) content, cable and mobile that I have mentioned as an option, but at a much larger scale than seen earlier. But now we can also wonder about the strategies of mobile devices and operating systems, especially after Google’s latest launch.

Apple is starting to have a tough time, when most manufacturers use... MORE

October 06, 2016

What is the best strategy for a telco? In Europe we can now witness how Telefónica is trying to get rid of O2 and related businesses. The regulator stopped the sale of O2. Now the operator plans an IPO and the sale of the infrastructure business, Telxius. It is a good example of how complex it is for a telco to find a sustainable strategy. It is even harder to see what the growth strategy is for a telco.

During the golden age of the telco business, in the 1990s and partly 2000s, big operators focused on making acquisitions. They wanted to cover the whole world. Most recently it has... MORE

September 20, 2016

Clouds are easy to use, so we move all our services to an external cloud. Clouds are a risk, when they are not within our control, so we cannot use clouds. Those or very similar comments are common nowadays, when you ask a company about their cloud strategy. The reality is more complex, denial is not enough, and companies should have a thought through strategy in place to use clouds.

We had a discussion with a corporate about new services. Some of the components of the service would be in a cloud, and then we discussed where the other components should reside. We told the corporate... MORE

August 30, 2016

I had a meeting with an incumbent company in an industry. We talked about opportunities to utilize data and analytics. They commented to me that it is so easy for startups to do anything with data, but they have their regulation, internal processes, legacy IT systems and responsibilities.

I tried to be polite and understand their problems, but I felt angry. Do these people have the slightest idea how hard it is to build a business from scratch, with nothing, no money, no people, and no data? At the same time, they summarized the problem their have and why startups have... MORE

July 29, 2016

Apple’s earnings are down according to the latest quarterly report. And iPhone sales are down. There are also rumors that Apple will need to postpone its car launch till 2021. After very long growth and huge iPhone success, Apple is now in a situation where it must really find new growth areas. The Apple Pay and iPad segments have positive signs. But is it enough?

The mobile phone business has been very tough for years. Apple and Samsung have done well by dominating a larger segment (Apple phones and its content and apps, and Samsung phones and their components) of the value chain... MORE

July 05, 2016

According to the news, hackers were able to steal digital currency Ether (on the Ethereum platform) tokens equivalent of more than $50 million in June. The Ethereum community has solutions to freeze and return stolen tokens. The hacker group Anonymous has conducted cyber attacks against terrorist organizations. Technology companies like Facebook and Apple want to protect their users also against governments.

All these examples raise new complex legal and ethical questions regarding who has authority, legal and ethical rights to rule in global digital communities. And now AI is... MORE