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February 15, 2016

Netflix plans to tighten its country control, ensuring people can no longer use VPNs to watch another country’s content. Many people feel it is hard to understand why content offerings are restricted in one country, when the internet could offer things globally and content is just data in a certain format.

There are many other actors, for example stock exchanges and even academic organizations, which try their hardest to limit who gets access to their data. Data is becoming a fundamental part of business and companies should find new scalable models to do business with it and... MORE

January 28, 2016

Everyone wants to work with startups and accelerate disruptive ideas nowadays. Corporates have also realized, they are not fast enough to develop new models and react to external changes with their old operating models. That’s why they want to cooperate with startups, accelerate internal and external new projects, and also invest in new companies and businesses. But in reality it is not so easy. Telcos have also been active in this area, and often failed badly. What is a model that could work in real life?

Do you remember Vodafone 360 some years ago, when Vodafone wanted to ‘manage... MORE

January 12, 2016

It is said, “markets are conversations.” Now it looks like e-commerce and sales will be conversations too. Messaging services are getting a more prominent role in e-commerce, and in all customer communication. It is not only small companies that sell something through messaging apps, but even physical services like taxes, restaurants and wealth management of leading banks.

Over 2.5 billion people have at least one messaging service in their mobile. They have started to use them for one-to-one communication, and in some apps group communications have become very important. Now... MORE

December 21, 2015

More and more services are transitioning to the internet and self-service. Data analytics and artificial intelligence help people in their daily activities. Now we see some services where people can get internet services that include human service components. Is it a new trend or is it too optimistic to think that a human can beat a machine in these services?

The New York Times wrote about a new phenomenon involving startups that offer human services over the internet (see In a self-serve world, start-ups find value in human helpers). The article details new companies that offer... MORE

December 08, 2015

We have for a long time been expecting the handset market to become mature and boring. In this year it really happened. Android and iOS dominate the market and there is no room for other players. Can we nevertheless expect something new and exciting? And who are the losers and winners in the mobile business?

The handset market has quite well followed the historical development of the PC market, i.e. Android is the new Windows and iPhone is the new Mac. This, of course, simplifies the whole picture but tells especially about the market share and the position of operating systems. It... MORE

November 25, 2015

Once upon a time many companies were able to manage their whole infrastructure and implement all services alone for a customers. Telecom operators offered the telephone services - including value added services - and tried to make the ecosystem more dynamic with their own intelligent networks. And they wanted to manage applications in mobile phones too. Banks were able to manage the finance needs of ordinary people, like lend money, pay interests to savings, help with wealth management and handle money transfers. Manufacturing companies had their own machines and IT that was their own... MORE

November 06, 2015

Artificial Intelligence, AI, had a lot of its hype in 1990s. Then it became quite an unpopular term, especially among serious researchers and data scientists. Now it has come back and maybe this time it is something real. Deep learning in particular has become an important area for research and development. Applications are from personal assistants to self-driving cars and digital finance services.

Machine learning, data science, big data are all linked to AI, or a part of it, depending on definitions. AI was originally defined to mean "the science and engineering of making... MORE

October 20, 2015

Android and iOS have dominated the mobile business for a few years. The development has been not that difficult to predict. Apple started the touch screen, mobile app and real mobile internet business and basically all development has been a result of that. Android meanwhile won the mainstream. But there some mysterious things in the business that are really hard to explain or comprehend the business reasoning behind them.

Here are five mysteries that are hard to understand or explain:

1. No physical keyboard in handsets. Nokia Communicator was the first real smart phone... MORE