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October 07, 2015

Do you want to print out the layout and interconnections of IT systems at a carrier, bank or logistics company? Of course, you can probably do it, but you would need a lot of paper, ink and a big wall to showcase it. And it’s not only IT, but also the processes that are tied to the IT and assume things always go in accordance with the procedures and plans. At the same time newcomers and other agile companies do things with light specific apps that use open APIs. How long can businesses live in two parallel realities?

First off, some real life experiences. A customer wanted to... MORE

September 22, 2015

Apple introduced solutions to block ads in iOS. This can be harmful for many web service providers, especially Google. So, Google is already looking for new solutions to avoid the blocking. And now some ad blocking solution developers have decided to withdraw their products, because they felt is harmful for many smaller sites and app developers. Is it good or bad to block ads? Or is this more a battle between giants, Apple and Google?

Apple allowed ad blockers with its iOS 9. Apple itself doesn’t block advertising, but it allows 3rd party developers to make ‘extensions’ that... MORE

September 08, 2015

AT&T is acquiring DirectTV. BT acquired EE that was sold by Orange and T-Mobile. Telefonica sold O2 to Hutchison and its owner Li Ka-shing can well sell all telecom assets when the price is right. We can see at least three directions for carriers to grow. But it is hard to say which one pattern or strategy of growth will be the one to dominate. And it looks like the carrier business is always a local business rather than a global internet business. If Google and Apple enter the MVNO business, it can all change again.

When we look at carriers' M&A activities during the most... MORE

August 04, 2015

Digital rights management has been a big issue for music, movies and other digital content. At the same time there have been discussions that content companies should change their business models, for example, offer music for free or at a low cost and make money from other products like fan items. 3D printing is the next challenge for digital rights management, and it can be even more complex to handle. Soon it will be possible to make free copies of all kinds of physical items.

Gartner estimated in 2013 that by 2018, 3D printing will result in the loss of at least $100 billion per... MORE

July 21, 2015

Should Airbnb's apartment rental business be treated like a hotel business with licenses and taxes? Is Uber the employer or a technology service for drivers? Has Uber conducted illegal taxi business in France when its directors were arrested? Can people mutually make business by using digital currencies without authorities’ control? Who can raise money online? IoT and AI probably raise even more complex questions. Digitalization challenges old regulations, laws and business models with an accelerating pace.

The Internet and mobile enable people do more things and business directly... MORE

July 06, 2015

We have seen dozens of MVNOs come and disappear. There are a few that have survived with a strong brand (e.g. Virgin) or niche services like international calls (e.g. Lebara). Now, we see a newcomer from California that has also collected significant venture capital funding, and it offers free calls, data and no ads. It is FreedomPop.

FreedomPop is a Los Angeles based MVNO founded in 2011. It closed its first $7.5 million funding round and started to offer its first services in 2012. In 2013 it started to offer free voice and data in Sprint’s network. Early this year it started to... MORE

June 23, 2015

Former Nokia CEO and then head of Microsoft’s hardware device business Stephen Elop has left Microsoft. This is the final sign that CEO Satya Nadella is pursuing a new strategy for the mobile business. We probably learn more about the new mobile strategy during the next few weeks. The interesting question is whether Microsoft will continue with its own mobile devices, and if it continues, on what software?

I have written several times about Microsoft’s mobile strategy and the transition Nadella has started, for example, MS swings mobile strategy into action with layoffs and Where's... MORE

June 15, 2015

Apple has announced an on-demand music service. Spotify leads the music streaming business, and its valuation is estimated to be $8.5 Billion.  Google Music is also in this game, Microsoft has a music service and Nokia’s music service is now an independent business. When online music services make more money, artists are forced to find new business models and record labels try to restrict free downloads and the copying of music. Carriers are forced to play with the leading companies until they want to do something more unique.

Apple’s iTunes was an important turning point for Apple... MORE