Michael Carroll

November 09, 2011

Monday’s press launch taught us that Microsoft is pursuing Huawei Device for Android patents, but there’s a few other questions I’d have asked if there was time.

First up, why did it choose its own moniker rather than something a bit more consumer friendly? Sure, the journalists at the launch know the name and how to say it, but Mark Mitchinson, UK and Ireland vice president, later had to explain it to the crowd attending the post-launch party.

Second, what is the true point of differentiation with the Vision smartphone and MediaPad tablet? Mitchinson noted that the firm is spending the next ...    


November 03, 2011

I find it onerous that the UK and US governments are discussing ways to beef up web security and crack down on illegal downloads, particularly in light of discussions by both governments about restricting access or monitoring social networks.

Officials from the countries met with business leaders in London this week to thrash out joint protection measures on the premise that a coordinated cross-border policy is now required due to the openness of the Internet, the Wall Street Journal reports.

What I’m skeptical about is references to maintaining the open nature of the Web while creating what UK foreign secretary William Hague ...    


October 28, 2011  |  1 comments

Nokia’s investors may well be eyeing Ericsson’s exit from its handset joint venture with envy, despite all the fanfare about the Finnish vendor’s new Windows Phone 7 devices.

You see, unlike Ericsson, Nokia currently has no other business to fall back on if its latest breed of smartphones fail.

The firm has largely palmed off its infrastructure business into a joint venture with Siemens, and its software arm Symbian is now under the control of Accenture. Meego, its other mobile software effort developed in collaboration with Intel, is largely redundant thanks to the Microsoft-based Lumia smartphones unveiled on Wednesday.

Even if it were ...    


October 27, 2011  |  2 comments

Nokia chief Stephen Elop claims the firm’s first Windows Phone 7 smartphones draw deeply on the vendor’s Finnish roots and mastery of materials. If only the same could be said of the launch presentation.

The head-man covered almost every cliché possible in his keynote at Nokia World 2011, including such favorites as ‘a man I met on my way to the conference,’ and the near obligatory reference to a swathe of teenage children.

But he was outdone in the cringing stakes by smartphone product manager Kevin Shields, who insisted on randomly shouting at us in an apparent bid to appear ultra-enthusiastic in ...    


October 18, 2011

Famed UK motoring journalist Jeremy Clarkson once commented that every prediction he made turned out to be wrong.

I know, now, how he feels, given that Apple has just reported sales of its iPhone 4S topped four million over the weekend. That’s 2.3 million higher than the first three days of iPhone 4 sales, and considerably higher than I predicted a fortnight ago when I noted current users have little incentive to upgrade to the latest model.

Just to put the numbers into context, Apple shipped in one weekend around half the number of devices Sony Ericsson shipped in the entire third ...    



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