Michael Carroll

November 26, 2012

UK retailer Asda is making the bold claim that the first smartphone was unveiled 20 years ago.

The firm credits IBM’s Simon device as being the first truly ‘smart’ phone, but notes the device is often overlooked as a trailblazer because the term smartphone wasn’t coined until 1997. The unit was unveiled at the COMDEX trade show in Las Vegas, weighed 510 grams, came with 1-MB of memory, and featured a touch screen operated by stylus.

Asda notes a more modern HTC Salsa smartphone tips the scales at 120 grams, features 32-GB of memory and 512-MB of RAM, and can access at ...    


October 31, 2012

There’s a certain irony in the fact the world is watching New York being battered by hurricane Sandy when the people living there are largely unable to.

Power stations have been knocked out by swelling seas and power lines torn down by the powerful winds. The stock exchange on Wall Street has closed for the first time since September 11 2001, and the US president has declared the place an official disaster zone.

In that context, then, there’s something terrible about the number of headlines reporting that news websites hosted in New York are out of commission, or that fixed and mobile ...    


October 08, 2012

Formula One (F1) driver Lewis Hamilton’s decision to switch teams in 2013 could have big implications for Vodafone’s sponsorship of the McLaren Mercedes team the driver is leaving.

You see his replacement at the team is Sergio Perez, a Mexican driver who has shown a lot of promise during the 2012 season – he was tipped for a drive with Ferrari before the McLaren deal -, but who has also enjoyed strong support from telecoms tycoon Carlos Slim in his career to date, motorsport news site Crash.net reports.

Indeed, anyone who follows the sport will notice Telmex – a Slim company – ...    


September 24, 2012

It seems staff unrest at Apple is spreading beyond the workers at Chinese factory Foxconn, which assembles devices for the vendor.

Shop staff in Paris, France, took to the streets last week to protest poor working conditions, adding an unusual twist to the image of lines of people waiting to get their hands on the latest iPhone.

The list of worker’s complaints is intriguing. The Wall Street Journal reports that in addition to demanding more money, which you might expect, the 40 Paris store staff are also calling for “cleaner toilets and better air conditioning.”

Those are the kind of issues you’d expect ...    


September 07, 2012  |  1 comments

Nokia is taking the wrong approach to its latest smartphone – the Lumia 920 – by talking up how good the built in camera is.   The fact the device is Nokia’s first to offer wireless charging is almost a byline in a press release detailing its picture taking capabilities. The vendor also isn’t making enough fuss about the phone’s use of Windows 8 – the latest version of Microsoft’s mobile operating system.   Perhaps Nokia’s reluctance to highlight the wireless charging ability is due to the fact the 920 isn’t the first wireless device to sport the feature. IMS Research notes Palm offered ...