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September 21, 2016

As featured in DisruptiveViews

“People are utilizing huge amounts of data and massive processing power as if they don’t have huge amounts of data and massive processing power,” said Prudencio Pedrosa, associate partner in McKinsey & Company’s Madrid office and core member of the Advance Analytics Practice during a presentation at WeDo Technologies WDC event in Miami last week.

“They are still using the traditional regression they learnt in school. What’s the use of having a fast car and driving at 40kph?”

But how do we change the way we are working today to... MORE

August 29, 2016

As featured in DisruptiveViews

In the early days of revenue assurance (RA) for telecom companies a popular phrase used by software salespeople was – “you don’t know what you don’t know.” Of course, they were talking about the fact that telcos were not aware of all the losses they were incurring due to poor billing practices, irregular audits and legacy systems.

Those early revenue assurance systems simply added the ability for business to monitor and assess leakages using basic analytical processes and the early results were nothing short of astounding. Internal auditors... MORE

August 22, 2016

Unless you live under a rock, you’ll have noticed the recent explosion of virtual reality (VR) devices and games over the last few months. Despite being a work in progress for the last few decades, VR really hit the headlines in 2015 thanks to Oculus Rift and its now owner, Facebook.

Although Oculus Rift and its peers have only been on general sales for a few months (some are barely out of the gate), the current forecasts by Statista suggest that just over 13 million headsets will be sold before the close of 2016. Given those projections are spread over a timeframe of less than six... MORE

August 17, 2016

As featured in DisruptiveViews.

If you ever had second thoughts why so much fuss has been made of transformation in the telecoms world you only have to look at the airline industry to understand. Biting the bullet early in updating, streamlining and simplifying everything from the network to the back-office has gone a long way in saving telcos by reducing costs and making them more efficient. But for airlines it could mean the difference between life and death.

Their reservation systems are close to prehistoric in computing terms and their control systems manage everything... MORE

August 11, 2016

As featured in DisruptiveViews

“I'm usually very cautious when it comes to analyst and press briefings that involve travel and hospitality. They often leave me with a feeling that I have been compromised in some way and that I need to produce something positive to show respect and thanks to the vendor involved. I’m told this anxiety wears off over time but in my case, after ten years or so, it still causes concern. So, I was extremely nervous when my colleague had to pass up an opportunity to visit ‘a beautiful European city’ and I was asked to take his place.”

That was the... MORE

August 08, 2016

As featured in DisruptiveViews

The current obsession with collecting as much data as possible, from whatever source, for the purposes of business analysis and improving customer experience will hopefully give way to a more focused approach on data that really matters.

In the meantime, the wholesale collection of data and its storage presents an enormous problem for businesses because it opens the door for criminals adept at cybercrime to collect information either for the purposes of corporate espionage, fraudulent activity or resale.

Of even greater concern is the... MORE

July 25, 2016

As featured in DisruptiveViews 

I’m still not sure if this story is for real or one of the best publicity stunts I’ve seen in years. It came about because one resident of the remote Faroe Islands stuck somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, approximately halfway between Norway and Iceland, was peeved that they were not visible on Google Street View.

I’m not sure why that should be a problem. My diminutive cul-de-sac in a small French village not only has pathetic internet coverage it is not visible on Street View either. So why would the Faroe Islands care?

If you believe... MORE

July 21, 2016

As featured in DisruptiveViews

Over the last few years, John Strand and his firm, Strand Consult, have followed the net neutrality debate and published a number of research notes and 7 detailed reports on the topic. Hard net neutrality rules are in place in some 50 countries even though soft rules are proven to work better to support investment and innovation.

For the last 20 years Strand Consult has published serious, independent research about the telecommunications industry. They are not afraid to say unpopular and embarrassing things about its actors in the industry.... MORE