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Tony Poulos

January 12, 2015

As featured on the DisruptiveViews blog

Whilst the telecom industry seems to be spending and inordinate amount of time and money coming to grips with the digital revolution it is dwarfed by the issues being faced by other sectors no less affected.

Retailers with traditional bricks and mortar outlets have had to rethink their whole strategy with the onslaught of online stores that have popped up in their thousands. They have realized that even whilst customers enjoy the convenience and savings of shopping online nothing can take away the experience of seeing, touching and... MORE

January 07, 2015

Freescale Semiconductor, Inc, producer of sensors and processors, recently held a competition asking readers to submit their ideas for the dumbest things they would like made ‘smart’. Judging from the responses it’s no surprise the ‘Internet of Silly Things’ (IoST) is taking off. Who would buy some or any of these ‘things’ is a worry.

Smart shoes seemed overly popular with ideas including a modular shoe sole with multiple hardware modules in the sole that add Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and phone functions plus interchangeable flashlight and recharger. Or a shoe for sports and driving... MORE

December 09, 2014

As featured on the DisruptiveViews blog

If you are big mobile operator continuously losing customers to your major competitors for seven years, what do you do?

Do you come up with some creative offers, new products, offer better service or desperately drop prices to grab back market share, at whatever cost?

If you are US operator Sprint you take the easiest path, presumably because nothing else has worked, and drop your pants, ummm, prices to hopefully lure your competitors’ customers.

The rather convoluted offer starting December 5 requires Verizon and AT... MORE

December 05, 2014

As featured on the Disruptive Views blog

If you thought smartphones were bad for your health you’d be right according to a study in Surgical Technology International. But not because they strain your eyes or cause you to walk off footpaths into oncoming traffic blindly answering Twitter and text messages or playing games.

The real danger comes from tilting your head towards that screen whilst sitting. Believe it or not, this alone can put up to 27kg of weight on your neck and the incremental stress experienced can lead to “early wear, tear, degeneration, and possibly... MORE

December 04, 2014

As featured on the DisruptiveViews blog

Since writing about the Internet of Silly Things I have been inundated with apps and devices that have me wondering where it will all end. It also makes me wonder how I have survived so long without the help of these incredibly brilliant and equally useless tools that are supposed to make my life better and help me live longer.

In the rush to capitalize on the connected world and the miniaturization of collecting and transmitting devices we are set to become a species of brainless app users unable to exist without our every body... MORE

December 03, 2014

As featured on the Disruptive Views blog

Digital service providers (DSPs), aka OTT players, have known for some time that in order to keep their customers happy what they are selling needs to be delivered in the best possible condition and working optimally, especially video content.

They also know that although they can ‘rent’, build, or operate high-capacity fiber links between their own data centers and cloud infrastructure they can’t do the same for the so-called ‘last mile’ to their customers that is controlled by communications and internet service providers, i.e.... MORE

November 27, 2014

I finally worked it out! It’s taken me many years to understand why the digital service providers like Facebook, Google, Spotify, et al have all grown at stellar rates while other more stable, conservative industry sectors like retail stores and telcos are wallowing in the realms of self-flagellation.

Of course, the old DNA argument holds water, but even when new DNA has been injected into these conservative operations they have hardly made an impact. You can dress them up with marketing gumpf but they are missing the point – their customers’ expectations are fundamentally changing... MORE

November 24, 2014

As featured on DisruptiveViews

Just in case you had any doubts, the most powerful man in the free world has declared that the internet is a public utility. That was how he justified his grand new plan for ‘net neutrality.’

In a letter and a video posted on the White House website, President Obama said he believes “the FCC should reclassify consumer broadband service under Title II of the Telecommunications Act,” allowing ISPs to be more heavily regulated. According to Obama, the change would acknowledge that “the internet has become an essential part of everyday... MORE