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Tony Poulos

October 01, 2013

As featured on TM Forum's the Insider blog.

Who would have thought fingers could become so newsworthy. Sure, they were very important to archers in medieval wars especially if they were captured and had them cut off to prevent them using a bow.

Then there’s reigning F1 world champion, Sebastian Vettel, raising one finger skyward to emphasise his number one status after each race but showing the back his hand indicating to many societies his disdain for them. It shows fingers can be very important.

Now the company that introduced humanity to the concept that the finger is its... MORE

September 23, 2013

As featured on TM Forum's the Insider blog.

There has been an absolute flurry of commentary following the acquisition of Nokia’s mobile phone and services business by Microsoft but I have resisted, until now, to add my bit. I was not particularly unique in foreseeing this momentous event, but one wonders why all the fuss now that’s it’s almost done and dusted.

The questions none of the Nokia shareholders seem to be asking, or even the all-powerful Securities Commission, is whether the whole thing had been planned from the time Stephen Elop shifted from Microsoft to take over the Nokia... MORE

September 16, 2013

As featured on TM Forum's the Insider blog.

It was interesting to read that Australia, with a population of just over 23 million people has 23 million old, unused mobile phones stashed away in cupboards, drawers, attics and cellars. Surely we have to ask – why?

What is about our old mobile phones that begs us to keep them in the first place. Technology in this sector has moved so fast that any phone over two years old feels and works like something from the stone age. Not to mention that those old NiCad batteries, that have a definitive shelf life, are probably dead and gone anyway... MORE

September 13, 2013

Ten years ago I was a firm believer and early exponent of centralised online billing via an ASP (Application Service Provider). With two colleagues and a small team of dedicated professionals sharing the same vision, Copernicus Global Billing emerged from the heady dot-com boom days only to die a premature death in the bust that soon followed.

The whole concept, now referred to as a cloud service, was quite revolutionary then. The idea of having a single billing infrastructure that could be partitioned and ‘rented’ out as a white label service to anyone wanting to sell or re-sell... MORE

September 02, 2013

As featured on TM Forum's the Insider blog. In the light of exposés by the likes of Wikileaks and Edward Snowden, ‘normal’ people are starting to question whether governments have crossed the line of national security to invading people’s lives. At which point does the perceived security of the nation require the total dissolution of an individual’s privacy? It is becoming very difficult for a growing number of people to equate the two and whilst governments can continuously argue the merits of their activities and the vast budgets they are spending on them in the national interest, at what... MORE

August 26, 2013

As featured on TM Forum's the Insider blog.

I’m sure you all thought that Google Glass was developed to be the next big thing and generate billions of dollars in hardware and app revenues. You were probably right but the latest theories are exposing a trove of potentially massive revenue streams to supplement, even surpass those already existing.

But before I get to those, let’s take a look at some of the brilliant and hair-brained ideas that have come up so far. I have purposely waited months to even write about Google Glass (GG) just so I could disseminate ‘the wheat from the chaff... MORE

August 19, 2013

As featured on TM Forum's the Insider blog

For my sins I possess and use devices that have Apple iOS, Android and Windows operating systems. I could spend hours outlining the features, good and bad, of all of them but, quite honestly, none of them are perfect – for my liking anyway.

However, one thing that consistently irks me about all of them is their failure to work smoothly together across the gambit of applications and cloud services I use.

It’s not because they can’t all work together happily, it’s because some corporate decision has been made somewhere that some... MORE

August 12, 2013

As featured on TM Forum's the Insider blog

CEM, or customer experience management, is one of those high visibility areas that everyone is aspiring to improve. There are so many interpretations of what the term actually means that it is not surprising it causes confusion in the marketplace.

You might think you know what your customers want but history tells us that very few business guess right. In this era of ‘big data’ there should be no excuse for failing to deliver what they want, or at least make a fair assessment, based on personal data at a subscriber level.

What... MORE