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Tony Poulos

August 05, 2013

As featured on TM Forum's the Insider blog

Does this sound familiar? One industry sector is accumulating an increasingly enormous amount of data but doesn’t necessarily know what to do with it. It’s not telecom or finance, (or the NSA’s PRISM project) – it’s utilities, particularly those that have been rolling out smart meters.

A recent FierceSmartGrid article referring to new research from Oracle Utilities, compared to last year, found that utilities are more prepared for data from the smart grid, but still struggle to fully leverage the data collected. It pointed out that “... MORE

August 02, 2013

As featured Poulos Ponderings

So, it seems Google’s foray into Wi-Fi provisioning leaps from ‘experiments’ in two US cities to helium-filled balloons over New Zealand and now to the sacrosanct coffee temples of Starbucks, all 7,000 of them in the USA.

Are alarm bills ringing yet amongst network operators? They sure are at AT&T, which announced almost immediately after the Google news came out that it would discontinue its Wi-Fi service through Starbucks after an 18-month transition period.

In a blog on Google’s site came the bold announcement that when your local... MORE

July 22, 2013

As featured on TM Forum's the Insider blog

Just over a year ago I reported on a little known revenue stream in CSPs that proved crime does pay. It had come to light that mobile network operators (MNOs) in the US were charging police departments substantial sums for wiretaps and other requests for their users' personal mobile phone data, with the fees differing widely - from $325 per wiretap target per month to as much as $700.

The American Civil Liberties Union had just released a report based on more than 5,000 pages of internal records from 205 police departments in the US,... MORE

July 08, 2013

As featured on TM Forum's the Insider blog

It had to happen. A new style of data-only Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) is hitting the market and their big gun is data roaming without the roaming surcharges. What happened to voice is now happening to data.

One such operator, UK-based Voaimo, has launched itsGlobalgigservice for customers and travellers in 36 countries. It claims to be the only company to offer genuine value for money data roaming packages with connectivity from country to country without the user having to do anything.

Travellers can stay... MORE

July 01, 2013

As featured on TM Forum's the Insider blog

The subject of spectrum continues to infatuate me, and with good cause. I, like many others, wonder how something so intangible could be so valuable. Like gold, there is only a certain amount to go around, but unlike gold you can’t trade it on the open market. At least not yet.

Authorities that control the distribution of spectrum have long realised its value and tend to auction it off to the highest bidder either when it becomes available or when they need to top up the coffers.
Mobile operators, in particular, seem to have no... MORE

June 17, 2013

As featured on TM Forum's the Insider blog

I think there may something wrong with me. I question why I need a proprietary app on my iPad when I’m just as happy going to visit a website to view content. I’m not even sure what benefits an app has over a good browser view of a website. Is the experience really that much better, or is it just trendy to ‘have an app for that’?

Many apps just don’t ‘cut the mustard’ for me in terms of functionality, speed, design or even greater presentation of content, despite being purpose-written to be ‘better’ than a website experience. Many are... MORE

June 10, 2013

As featured on TM Forum's the Insider blog

While we ponder how best to extricate and extrapolate customer information for marketing purposes from our infinite reserves of Big Data, it seems government has beaten us to the punch, but for different reasons.

‘Shocking’ headlines surfaced this week that the US National Security Agency and the FBI are tapping directly into the central servers of nine leading US internet companies, extracting audio and video chats, photographs, emails, documents, and connection logs that enable analysts to track foreign targets, according to a top-... MORE

June 03, 2013

As featured on TM Forum's the Insider blog

When Google started rolling out its own fiber network to homes in Kansas City the Twitter and blog spheres were alight with warnings that it had ambitions of becoming a network operator in its own right. After all, why would it spend all that money when it could continue to piggy-back on the existing operator networks freely available to it?

Back in March, 2010 Google’s then CEO, Eric Schmidt, stressed that Google was purely experimenting with fiber in an effort to see what was required to bring networks up to 1Gbps, which could pave... MORE