Last Years Super Bowl Winners

Alisa Barladyan
13 Feb 2022

It's always great excitement to predict and prepare ourselves with possible winners before the game actually begins. For example, we are now gearing up to enjoy the Super Bowl 2022 game and might want to know who has greater odds of winning before placing any bets.

If you know how well the previous match was or who won the Super Bowl 2021, you can broadly predict the current game. For more extensive research, we have a great collection for your analysis.

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What's the score of the Super Bowl game over the years

2021's Super Bowl was a match between x and Y, whereas the current one is between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams. If you exactly want to predict these teams and their prime players, you have to look at Super Bowl scores of the entire game history since the time it was played. Check out the following scoresheet, which can help with your easy analysis.

Super Bowl score records for all games

Super Bowl gameDate of the matchScores of the teamsWinner team’s winning percentage (figures in %)Prominent players
55Feb. 7, 2021Buccaneers 31, Chiefs 9 100Tom Brady
54Feb. 2, 2020Kansas City 31, San Francisco, 2050Patrick Mahomes
53Feb. 3, 2019New England 13, Los Angeles Rams 355Julian Edelman
52Feb. 4, 2018Philadelphia 41, New England 3333Nick Foles
51Feb. 5, 2017New England 34, Atlanta 28 (OT)55Tom Brady
50Feb. 7, 2016Denver 24, Carolina 1038Von Miller
49Feb. 1, 2015New England 28, Seattle 2455Tom Brady
48Feb. 2, 2014Seattle 43, Denver 833Malcolm Smith
47Feb. 3, 2013Baltimore 34, San Francisco 3150Joe Flacco
46Feb. 5, 2012Giants 21, New England 1780Eli Manning
45Feb. 6, 2011Green Bay 31, Pittsburgh 2580Aaron Rodgers
44Feb. 7, 2010New Orleans 31, Indianapolis 17100Drew Brees
43Feb. 1, 2009Pittsburgh 27, Arizona 2375Santonio Holmes
42Feb. 3, 2008Giants 17, New England 1480Eli Manning
41Feb. 4, 2007Indianapolis 29, Chicago 1750Peyton Manning
40Feb. 5, 2006Pittsburgh 21, Seattle 1075Hines Ward
39Feb. 6, 2005New England 24, Philadelphia 2155Deion Branch
38Feb. 1, 2004New England 32, Carolina 2955Tom Brady
37Jan. 26, 2003Tampa Bay 48, Oakland 21100Dexter Jackson
36Feb. 3, 2002New England 20, St. Louis 1755Tom Brady

Jan. 28, 2001

Baltimore 34, Giants 750Ray Lewis
34Jan. 30, 2000St. Louis 23, Tennessee 1625Kurt Warner
33Jan. 31, 1999Denver 34, Atlanta 1938John Elway
32Jan. 25, 1998Denver 31, Green Bay 2438Terrell Davis
31Jan. 26, 1997Green Bay 35, New England 2180Desmond Howard
30Jan. 28, 1996Dallas 27, Pittsburgh 1763

Larry Brown

29Jan. 29, 1995San Francisco 49, San Diego 2671Steve Young
28Jan. 30, 1994Dallas 30, Buffalo 1363Emmitt Smith
27Jan. 31, 1993Dallas 52, Buffalo 1763Troy Aikman
26Jan. 26, 1992Washington 37, Buffalo 2460Mark Rypien
25Jan. 27, 1991New York Giants 20, Buffalo 1980Ottis Anderson

Jan. 28, 1990

San Francisco 55, Denver 1071Joe Montana
23Jan. 22, 1989San Francisco 20, Cincinnati 1671Jerry Rice
22Jan. 31, 1988Washington 42, Denver 1060Doug Williams
21Jan. 25, 1987New York Giants 39, Denver 2080Phil Simms
20Jan. 26, 1986Chicago 46, New England 1050Richard Dent
19Jan. 20, 1985San Francisco 38, Miami 1671Joe Montana
18Jan. 22, 1984Los Angeles 38, Washington 960Marcus Allen
17Jan. 30, 1983Washington 27, Miami 1760John Riggins
16Jan. 24, 1982San Francisco 26, Cincinnati 2171Joe Montana
15Jan. 25, 1981Oakland 27, Philadelphia 1060Jim Plunkett
14Jan. 20, 1980Pittsburgh 31, Los Angeles 1975Terry Bradshaw
13Jan. 21, 1979Pittsburgh 35, Dallas 3175Terry Bradshaw
12Jan. 15, 1978Dallas 27, Denver 1063H. Martin, R. White
11Jan. 9, 1977Oakland 32, Minnesota 1460Fred Biletnikoff
10Jan. 18, 1976Pittsburgh 21, Dallas 1775Lynn Swann
9Jan. 12, 1975Pittsburgh 16, Minnesota 675Franco Harris
8Jan. 13, 1974Miami 24, Minnesota 740Larry Csonka
7Jan. 14, 1973Miami 14, Washington 740Jake Scott
6Jan. 16, 1972Dallas 24, Miami 363Roger Staubach
5Jan. 17, 1971Baltimore 16, Dallas 1350Chuck Howley
4Jan. 11, 1970Kansas City 23, Minnesota 750Len Dawson
3Jan. 12, 1969Jets 16, Baltimore 7100Joe Namath
2Jan. 14, 1968Green Bay 33, Oakland 1480Bart Starr
1Jan. 15, 1967Green Bay 35, Kansas City 1080Bart Starr
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