UEFA Champions League: 5 things we've learned from matchday 1

Zlatko Ilijevski
27 Sep 2021
UEFA Champions League: 5 things we've learned from matchday 1

This week the Champions League is back, and 2nd round is on the schedule. Here are 5 things that we learned from the matchday 1.

We’ve been waiting for a long time for the Champions League, and after first round we know some things like that English clubs are stronger than ever and all 4 English teams are in the top 6 favorites. However, the first round did not go so well for some.


Barcelona's huge history can't help them, the giant looks like a boxer on ropes.

Catastrophic moves of the administration, one after the other, it is not known which is worse, and everything can be seen on the ground. They acted so helpless against Bayern that it was even a little sad.

A group of inexperienced football players gathered, as if they were thrown into one team, of which Depay will obviously be the leader. Bayern acted like a sage, and the Catalans like a kid in puberty. The sage taught a lesson and there was no segment of the game where the kid could deal with it.


This year's Basaksehir is called Young Boys, and they could cost them a place further from the group stage this season. Now even Cristiano Ronaldo could not help them. Especially when he wasn't on the field.

Then Solskjaer came on the scene and buried his team to the end. In the 72nd minute, he took out Ronaldo and Fernandez and put in Matic and Lingard. So, the moment your opponent presses you, and you need a character to pull their back line, when you are going to shoot long balls he put in Matić and Lingard, who goes deep in his own half to get the ball and then takes it out, not what is needed.


Maybe his price seemed like a lot of money, but the way he solves matches in the first month and a half explained everything to us. Lukaku is a complete hit as we all thought it would be and more than that.

He started defending the trophy in the Chelsea Champions League with a victory only because Lukaku put the ball into the net from the half-chance for most of the attackers. The best is yet to come.


After a year of pandemic and playing without an audience, there were only 38,000 spectators at the first game in the Champions League, where Leipzig is coming.

Just so you know and be aware, City fans, why people are kidding you.

Please don't justify yourself with the information that the most visited match in England is City's, it's one match! Did they have the highest average visit? Also, the most visited Champions League match in England is Tottenham because they played at Wembley, but that does not mean that the Spurs have the greatest support.

It was very embarrassing when in a statement after the game Guardiola asked the fans to come to the stadium on Saturday because they will be tired, and they need support against Southampton.


The replay of the two Champions League finals in the last 16 years was a beauty, too good to watch.

After his first goal in the Champions League after seven years, Jordan Henderson put his hand behind his ear and asked to hear the fans in euphoria. You can interpret it as you wish, but I saw it as a gesture "here I still run things in the middle, and I'm not going anywhere". He recently extended his contract.

It is possible that Henderson was a little bothered by the relegation from the first team of the national team because he is already 31 years old and young stars have come. Especially now that the national team is reaching the semifinals of the World Cup and the finals of the European Championship, everyone would like to be there and play.

He wants to prove himself, he wants to break in there!

This evening at Anfield was all we wanted from the Champions League.

Second round also brings some exciting matches like AC Milan vs Atl.Madrid, PSG vs Manchester City, Benfica vs Barcelona, Juventus vs Chelsea and replay of last years’ Europa League final Manchester United vs Villareal.

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