Updates In Dota 2: Battle Pass, Aghanim The Almighty And Arcana On The Drow Ranger

Alisa Barladyan
21 Dec 2021

On December 14-15, Valve added a new Battle Pass to Dota 2. The game added a seasonal treasury, a set on Hoodwink, personality on Mirana, arcana on Drow Ranger, and more. The cost per level of the Battle Pass is $7.49. It will be valid until February 23, 2022. A new event opened in the same Dota 2 update called Aghanim's Labyrinth: The Continuum Conundrum. As part of this adventure, users will have to clear rooms with monsters and bosses. You will learn about all the updates, the new Battle Pass and the long-awaited Aghanim the Almighty in the article by Cybersport.Metaratings.ru.

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Dota 2

Battle Pass is cool but expensive

The new Battle Pass, to be honest, is not that different from the previous one. It works the same way. The user buys Battle Pass levels and gets some bonuses for it, mostly of cosmetic nature. The higher the Battle Pass level, the more valuable reward the user gets. One Battle Pass level costs $7.49, 50 levels at a time can be purchased for $26.99, and 100 levels for $41.99.

What's a battle pass without treasuries, chat wheel sounds, seasonal effects, smilies, graffiti, and river spells? Level up, and the rewards will be enough for the whole winter.


Dota 2

Three different rarity treasuries have been added to Battle Pass: one Immortal, with items for Lone Druid, Huskar, Zeus, Underlord, Venomancer, Naga Siren, Omniknight and Doom, and two Mythical. The first is called the Continuum Collection. It includes sets on Drow Ranger, Axe, Ogre Magi, Nyx Assassin, Puck, Tusk, Disruptor, and Witch Doctor. The second is called Ageless Heirlooms. It has set for Anti-Mage, Abaddon, Mirana, Pugna, Sniper, Templar Assassin, Windranger, Sand King, Clockwerk, and Shadow Fiend.

In addition to treasuries and sets, there are other rewards in Battle Pass. They are all distributed over 500 levels of the Battle Pass. The player will receive one random treasury every 20 levels and a Trust of the Benefactor's chest every 50 levels. At level 135, the player will unlock a personality of Mirana from the anime DOTA: Blood of the Dragon, at level 277, a special Immortal item on Hoodwink, and at level 333, an arcana for Drow Ranger. Let's focus separately on each of the valuable battle pass prizes. Let's start from the very beginning.

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Battle Pass Level 1

Dota 2

To achieve the first level of the battle pass, the user will receive a unique ward and courier made in the form of a brush (this is a separate theme of the released Battle Pass). It looks quite unusual and interesting. Moreover, its cost is very cheap because it is given after the purchase of the first level of the battle pass.

Battle Pass Level 94

For reaching level 94 of the battle pass, the user will receive a skin of creeps for the forces of light and darkness. Surprisingly, these are very well made too. Usually, the creeps look the same after such changes, just some are green, and others are red. Here, however, there's a fundamental difference between them. The creeps of darkness have a spiky shell and a head like a turtle, and their catapults look like scorpions. The light creeps are rather small Ents with wooden helmets and golden horns, and their catapults look like battering rams made of wood. Both look pretty cool.

Battle Pass Level 135

Dota 2

For reaching level 135 of the battle pass, the user receives a new personality for Mirana. The character will look exactly like the anime DOTA: Dragon's Blood. Previously, a similar personality has already been released for Dragon Knight. The idea is pretty good and implemented decently. Renewed Mirana looks very nice, and there is a desire to play on her behalf. New item changes the hero's appearance, the icon on the mini-map, the words, and some abilities of the hero. In addition, the personality changes the animation of Mirana's first ability, Starstorm. Plus, it's great that this personality costs a relatively small amount of money. Almost all users who buy a Battle Pass will afford this personality.

Of course, the scandal took place too. Dota 2 players reacted negatively to the release of the Mirana personality from the anime DOTA: Blood of the Dragon. In a thread on Reddit, they pointed out that Valve should have released a free model update instead of making the personality a Battle Pass award. According to Redditors, items of similar quality for Dragon Knight, Invoker, and Pudge are unique images that allow you to redefine the hero. Mirana's personality is a copy of the usual model with an increased number of polygons. In addition, they noted that the look adds few visual effects and animations and does not allow you to wear other items.

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Battle Pass Level 200

Dota 2

For reaching level 200 of the battle pass, the user receives unique turrets designed in the form of hands. It looks very cool. Instead of the usual spitting viper, you get a hand that throws magical stones at your opponents. Costs, of course, are expensive, but overall it's a very interesting innovation that you should pay attention to.

Battle Pass Level 277

Dota 2

For reaching level 277 of the battle pass, the user receives a set for Hoodwink called TOMO'KAN INCARNATE. It looks incredibly cool. The character is transformed from an ordinary squirrel into a real hell fox with a fiery tail, red hair, and glowing eyes. The character is dressed in a green fighting suit with devil horns. Altogether it looks incredibly stylish.

The highlight of the new set, however, is the Hoodwink crossbow. It's incredibly large, but it's also quite elegant. The crossbow shoots azure magic arrows, and it has a sakura branch on the side of the handle. When you use various abilities, petals fall from this branch. It looks very pretty. The set is cheerful but super expensive.

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Battle Pass Level 333

Dota 2

Here we get to the main item. For reaching level 333 of the battle pass, the user receives an arcana for the Drow Ranger. The item adds a new model and new Frost Arrows, Gust, Multishot, and Marksmanship ability effects. Unique elements include a revenge indicator, a special Multishot scale, a portrait of the hero, and icons for Hurricane Pike, Satanic, and Daedalus abilities, mini-maps, and items. Special kill and item effects include a new effect and finishing allies, Force Stuff, vampirism usage, and a new effect for the hero's victims.

The arcana for Drow Ranger is of very high quality. It changes a bunch of animations and adds a lot of different effects. In addition, the model of the hero itself became much more beautiful. The hero looks a lot cooler. Perhaps this is the best arcana that has been released in Dota 2 ever. It simply has no drawbacks.

The second arcana style for Drow Ranger should be separately mentioned. It opens after a hundred kills with Marksmanship ultimate. In the second style, Drow Ranger's cape becomes blood-red. His eyes and crossbow take the same color. Drow Ranger looks like a hunter stalking vampires.

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Other Battle Pass updates

Daily quests. With Battle Pass in Dota 2, daily quests are back. Each week, users receive a list of quests for which stars are awarded. Collecting 18 stars for one week's tasks will give you 7,500 battle points—quite a nice update that adds motivation to play.

Selection of neutral items. Now, when your team picks up a new neutral item, Dota itself evaluates how well it fits your hero. If it's better than the item you have now, the plus sign in your neutral slot will light up. Click it to see what "neutrals" the game recommends you to take. This system will help newcomers navigate the game better, but experienced users won't benefit from it.

Runes indicator. Now users can press the ALT key and see how many seconds later a new rune will appear. In addition, it will be written which rune is that: wealth, water, or enhancement. This update is again aimed at making it easier for newcomers to play.

Gold Meter. Also, by holding down the ALT key, you can find out where the most shapes are on the map. With the new feature above, each pack of creeps on the map that you see will be written, how much gold you get for killing them. This applies to both normal creeps and neutral creeps. To put it easier, you'll always know which pack is the best to farm to get the maximum amount of gold. This update will help not only the newcomers but also the veterans.

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Event Aghanim's Labyrinth: The Continuum Conundrum

Dota 2

Aghanim's Labyrinth is an event that first appeared in Dota 2 last summer. It has become one of the best events recently because it was fun to play. Previously, there were not so big "dungeons" with monsters and bosses in the game. Plus, you could play it with friends, making it even more fun.

Aghanim the Mighty is now Aghanim the Great! Due to a minor incident involving a multiverse merger, the useless Continuum Device has failed and manifested more majestic Aghanim than one reality can support. The entire existence could collapse. What is worse, Aghanim himself is powerless to do anything about it. But you, dear hero, are not powerless. You may be full of strength. If you help your old friend Aghanim, you, like him, may have much more. So will you do it? Would you be able to go to almost certain death to save the greatest wizard that ever existed? Surely it would be an adventure worthy of your legendary name.


In Aghanim's Labyrinth: The Continuum Conundrum, players will have to rescue Aghanim clones from other dimensions by defeating monsters in randomly generated locations. It will be possible to play as one of fourteen proposed heroes. During the game, users will collect shards of Aghanim, which can be used after the match to develop new skills. This will help in the next completion of the labyrinth level.

Also, in the game, you will need to capture outposts. They will show what enemies you will be fighting against. If the player captures the red outpost, he will meet the boss and the elite monsters. The ultimate goal of the labyrinth is to kill the final boss. The event will run until February 23.

There are no more early pauses in Dota 2

Valve has removed the ability to pause Dota 2 matchmaking until the game has lasted three minutes after creeps are released. This change appeared in the update with a winter Battle Pass. At the same time, the developers did not mark this change in the patch sheet. You could not pause even if one of the players left the match. In the lobby and tournament games, everything remained unchanged. That's how Valve decided to fix one of the most unpleasant things in the groups.

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