January 09, 2019
Martin Kurth/Gartner

Network slicing requires a dedicated operational infrastructure encompassing an underlying  cross-domain and per-slice tenant management capability

August 16, 2018
Stephen Sale / Analysys Mason

Network coverage is the single largest determinant of customer satisfaction

April 27, 2018
Martina Kurth / Gartner

CSPs are still in the early exploratory stage with microservices  

September 13, 2017
Shea Silidker/KPMG

Customers nowadays expect seamless delivery of personalized service and informed advice both in the retail outlet and across channels

August 10, 2017
Dr Mark H. Mortensen/Analysys Mason

'Cloud native' is the new architectural buzzword for BSS and OSS

July 12, 2017
Laurent-Olivier Lioté/Ovum

In a converging self-service analytics market, a human approach is a logical differentiator, says Ovum

February 17, 2017
Kris Szaniawski/Ovum

Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei alike are pitching DevOps, agile development to assist telcos’ transformation to DSPs

January 11, 2017 Vision 2017 Supplement

My prediction? That 2017 will see the end of the word “telco” in current usage  

November 14, 2016
Richard Edwards/Ovum

The paradox of big data is that the more you know, the less you can predict

November 01, 2016
Alexander Harrowell/Ovum

How many services have you closed down recently?

October 13, 2016
Eden Zoller/Ovum

But beware the hype, and don't underestimate the challenges involved

September 14, 2016
Tony Poulos
B/OSS Asia

For one thing, it would have a much better, simpler and cheaper billing system

August 11, 2016 B/OSS Asia

The days of insanely complex telecoms billing may be over thanks to the success of subscriber billing– at least for now

August 11, 2016
Ken Landoline/Ovum

Local economics, market maturity, and unmet consumer demand will drive or restrain agent growth

July 14, 2016 B/OSS Asia

Operator survey reveals a preference for small-scale transformation projects focused on billable use cases over major overhauls