August 25, 2016 Telco Analytics Asia

Perhaps that’s why some telco managers won’t invest in analytics-based revenue-assurance solutions

July 28, 2016 Telco Analytics Asia

Not sure how to crunch your big data properly? Consider outsourcing analytics to the experts

June 27, 2016
Tony Poulos

Knowing your customers’ true value can help telcos set more valuable tariff plans without going into the red

May 16, 2016
Adaora Okeleke, Clare McCarthy and Chantel Cary/Ovum
B/OSS Insights

Telcos are increasingly keen to outsource more of their BSS stack to managed services providers to deal with costs and complexity

June 10, 2015
Chantel Cary / Ovum
BSS Insights

As OTT players apply the pressure, telcos will (or should) turn to analytics, cloud and CRM to beef up their backend

November 21, 2011
Phil Marshall, Tolaga Research
Mobile Internet Supplement

Mobile broadband operators must partner with potential competitors and allow customer demand to drive service innovation rather than the competition

July 07, 2011
Dana Cooperson/Ovum

Carriers' roles in LTE ecosystem under threat

July 06, 2011
Nicole McCormick/Ovum

Chance to experiment with tariffs not grasped

May 25, 2011
Angel Dobardziev/Ovum

App deals could end bit pipe horror, but challenges ahead

January 20, 2011
Tony Poulos
TM Forum

With social networking dominating consumers’ lives, CRM and customer care will move to the IP world this year

November 09, 2010
Tonia Graham/TM Forum

Standardized measurements for operators, vendors and consultants

November 03, 2010
Mike Jude/Frost & Sullivan

Operators need an efficient transfer mechanism for users' data

October 13, 2010
Ashvin Vellody, KPMG
Billing and OSS Supplement

Five recommendations to maximize the potential opportunities that lie ahead for m-commerce

October 13, 2010
Tony Poulos
Billing and OSS Supplement

Take-up depends on trust, not technology or customer acceptance

February 05, 2010
Air Banerjee, Yankee Group
Billing and OSS Supplement

Critical policy mechanisms play a pivotal role in enticing subscribers to adopt new services