September 21, 2015
Mark Newman/Ovum

There has been little public discussion about what the business will look like in a software-defined future

August 31, 2015
Alan Zeichick/Camden Associates

Helping drive this is the enterprise’s need for being able to run their businesses in a more agile way

July 16, 2015
Miguel Myhrer/Accenture
5G/IoT Insights

It’s also about improving user experiences and lowering costs, and that’s where the evolution from 4G and 5G should be focused

July 09, 2015
Tore Berg / Accenture
Telecom Asia

How the telecoms industry transforms itself will make or break it for the next quarter-century

June 10, 2015
Shanthi Ravindran / Analysys Mason
BSS Insights

Monetizing infrastructure is a top priority for CSPs, but the key differentiator will be the customer experience

June 10, 2015
Chantel Cary / Ovum
BSS Insights

As OTT players apply the pressure, telcos will (or should) turn to analytics, cloud and CRM to beef up their backend

June 09, 2015
Mike Sapien / Ovum
Security Insights

Moving from network-centric security to the broader IT security suite

March 31, 2015
Rob Powell/Telecom Ramblings

Pan-EU fiber and cloud operator brings in two new investors

March 26, 2015
Adrian Ho/ Ovum

The company is working on smart city concepts with Indonesia and Taiwan

March 20, 2015
Ron Kline/Ovum

First commercial deployment on a multinational production network

March 17, 2015
Staff writer
SDN Cloud

Cisco leads in public cloud, while HP leads in private clouds

December 09, 2014
Brian Riggs/Ovum

Enterprises are ready to invest in cloud-based UC services - especially videoconferencing  

November 14, 2014
Saurabh Sharma/Ovum

Cloud-based IoT platforms have helped drive the first wave

November 05, 2014
Geoff Leong/TM Forum

The technologies will help operators fight back against OTT players

November 05, 2014
Andrew Kellett/Ovum

AWS plans to manage multiple accounts and identity-based credentials from cloud