December 09, 2014

The big concerns for telecoms in 2015: net neutrality policies and finding new ways to stay profitable as old business models finally flame out


December 09, 2014

To beat the competition, CSPs will - and must - leverage big data to become integrated digital service providers

December 09, 2014

The secret to mobile profitability in 2015 isn’t technology: it’s culture change


December 09, 2014

China and Australia will lead the way as Apple’s mobile payments solution enables new customer experiences - even for enterprise users


December 09, 2014

2014 was a banner year for digital finance services. Expect even more of the same in 2015


December 09, 2014

Enterprises are ready to invest in cloud-based UC services - especially videoconferencing


December 09, 2014

For telcos, the ticket to IoT revenues lies in thinking beyond connectivity and extend their influence across the value chain


December 08, 2014

The spectrum famine could be alleviated by repurposing the band

December 02, 2014

The nostalgia factor could help re-establish the Nokia brand

November 26, 2014

With marketing taking the lead as CI pros seek to use data to improve customer engagement

November 18, 2014

5G could be the most complex standards activity that the telecom industry has undertaken


November 17, 2014

Traditional comm protocols are not appropriate for a cyber-physical world

November 14, 2014

Cloud-based IoT platforms have helped drive the first wave

November 07, 2014

Wins deal with Angola Cables for Angola-Brazil link

November 05, 2014

The technologies will help operators fight back against OTT players