April 10, 2019
Robert Gerstmann/Sinch

Enterprises are predicted to send 2.8 trillion A2P SMS messages by 2022

March 28, 2019
Jitendra Thethi/Aricent

The telecom sector has already been investing heavily in the emerging technology

January 31, 2019
Shawn Sanderson/Juvo

The potential power of MNOs to transform the lives of the financially underserved cannot be overstated

January 28, 2019
Colm Mulholland/Openet

Mobile operators in APAC are more trusted by users OTT players and have an opportunity to win customers back

December 19, 2018 Vision 2019

The next wave of data and data consumption is going to be a huge move in 2019, predicts Analysys Mason's partner for consulting Amrish Kacker

November 29, 2018
Sacha Gera/Ribbon Communications

CSPs need to act fast to ensure that new innovations are rolled out in time to ride the current wave of customer demand

October 10, 2018
Robert Gerstmann / CLX Communications

To sustain their role in the A2P messaging market in the long term, mobile carriers need to be creative in pricing for RCS

August 13, 2018
Telecom Asia staff writer
Telecom Asia

Mynt’s GCash solution allows younger mobile users to transact small amounts quickly, while empowers older members to settle living expenses conveniently

August 13, 2018
Telecom Asia staff writer
Telecom Asia

Seamless omnichannel experience is SmarTone’s differentiator to win market share  in Hong Kong’s lucrative e-commerce market

June 15, 2018
Steve Polsky / Juvo

Smartphone financing has the potential to improve telcos’ bottom lines while overcoming financial inclusion barriers

April 16, 2018 telecomasia.net

  Brightcove’s Greg Armshaw details the market opportunities for OTT service across the region

March 07, 2018 telecomasia.net

Marshall Taplits, co-founder and chief strategy officer of NYNJA, discusses the company’s efforts around blockchain

January 30, 2018 telecomasia.net

Telcoin CEO and co-founder Claude Eguienta shares his views on how telco operators can do their part to solve the country's financial inclusion initiative

January 04, 2018 Vision 2018

Always a dangerous business: fearless prognosticators skewer 2017 hype, and look forward to 2018’s surprises

January 04, 2018 Vision 2018

What lies ahead? Cryptocurrencies, bots, fintech, contextual AI, mobile AR, the Olympics and more