February 23, 2011
Jessica Scarpati

Wi-Fi, femtocells can pinpoint locations more precisely

June 09, 2010
Chen Ruizhi, Zhang Jixian, Jarmo Takala and Wang Jianyu
Wireless Asia

No additional hardware required

April 23, 2010
Dylan Bushell-Embling
Telecom CEO

Industry under pressure to evolve to capitalize on innovations and combat shrinking prepaid ARPU

April 23, 2010
Joseph Waring
Telecom CEO

Telcos may be slow to get started in new areas. But their financial strength will ensure that most finally learn the new rules of the game and deliver customized services based on the ever-changing needs of the consumer

February 08, 2010
Chee Sing Chan
Telecom Asia

SK Telecom CTO Lee Myung Sung articulates his company's vision for innovation and its pursuit to change the game

June 12, 2009
Borje Forssell
Wireless Asia

LBS for emergency services needs not only better indoor coverage, but also the ability to pinpoint locations vertically as well as horizontally. Japan's proposed indoor messaging system (IMES) technology could deliver both

September 22, 2008
Jeff Cotrupe

An increasingly wireless world must provide an untethered approach to next-generation operations and business support systems (OSS/BSS). Content quality testing and location-based services may boost the market first.

April 02, 2008
Kin S. Yen, Ty A. Lasky, Ayalew Adamu and Bahram Ravani

A group of academics design and build their own GPS automated travel diary to help transportation systems plan for more capacity without widening streets or building new ones