October 10, 2018
Robert Gerstmann / CLX Communications

To sustain their role in the A2P messaging market in the long term, mobile carriers need to be creative in pricing for RCS

August 13, 2018
Telecom Asia staff writer
Telecom Asia

Indonesia's Telkomsel unlocks a new revenue stream of over $3.76 million per month with its Automatic Reverse Charging Platform

August 06, 2018
Malcolm Chan / BICS

Operators must focus on innovation as the mechanism for driving new revenue-generating usage

December 07, 2017 Vision 2018

The oft-neglected nation is set for a digital economic boost

January 23, 2017
Telecom Asia editors

Our third annual Rewind feature looks back at the telecoms news stories that dominated the headlines and captured our readers’ attention on telecomasia.net in 2016

December 15, 2016
Staff writer

Wi-Fi calling offers LTE cellcos a way to improve indoor coverage, compete with OTT voice apps and possibly get back in the roaming game  

December 08, 2015 Wholesale Insights

Voice is no longer a source of revenue growth for wholesalers - here’s what is, and why they’ll have to change their business models to cash in

May 07, 2015 LTE Insights

VoLTE is ready to roam, but expect turbulence along the way

February 19, 2014
Joseph Waring

Telecom Asia-Ovum survey finds less concern over spectrum capacity while coverage and QoS become more of a differentiator

May 07, 2013
Staff writer

VoLTE, RCS and WebRTC can make the voice business better for everyone

March 23, 2012
Joseph Waring, John C. Tanner
Telecom Asia

With IP-transit prices in freefall and internet bandwidth growth unstoppable, how can telcos take advantage of this disruption?

June 06, 2011
Jessica Scarpati

Carriers offer usage data and QoE metrics as USPs

April 15, 2011
Jessica Scarpati

But incumbents see the growth as cannibalized revenue

February 17, 2011
Martin Creaner/TM Forum

TM Forum hopes to leverage best practices, expertise and standards between the telecom and cable industries

January 31, 2011
Beth Schultz

The what and why of VoLTE