October 27, 2011
Diameter-related tasks are getting more important and operators evolving their networks will discover new uses

September 14, 2011
SDN, smart grids, NoSQL and NFC

September 01, 2011
Telcos need a scalable control plane, dynamic QoE mgmt

July 19, 2011
The immediate future of 3G mobile data traffic depends on path optimization

July 08, 2011
Computing, comms and the cloud to power innovation

June 10, 2011
Nearly half of all cellcos have licenses in the band

November 22, 2010
Telecom Asia
Newcomers and smaller operators likely to benefit most by joining a roaming hub

October 21, 2010
To manage unprecedented growth in data and to profit from it, the industry needs to mediate all the different pieces of data within the ecosystem.

August 04, 2010
Telcos move to complement capacity and infrastructure investments with smart subscriber, service and policy control

June 29, 2010
Reevaluation of 4G strategies

June 22, 2010
Mobile Internet Supplement
Backhaul networks deserve the same type of undivided attention we've traditionally given radios

June 09, 2010
Wireless Asia
Wimax and LTE will co-exist and complement one another within markets

May 31, 2010
As wireless traffic surges, carriers must find innovative ways to leverage value from their customers

January 29, 2010
SMS has long been the cash-cow of the mobile industry, but as mobile browsing surges in popularity, operators are under increasing pressure to change their once-solid messaging models

January 05, 2010
Deploying LTE means operators can ensure that their services become a must-have for consumers

Ovum's Nicole McCormick outlines why mobile operators are having to use pricing to protect their data revenues

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