July 08, 2011
Computing, comms and the cloud to power innovation

July 05, 2011
Concerned about transition's impact on customers

July 04, 2011
Operators need intelligent M2M solutions with a dedicated solution for intermittent transmitters

July 04, 2011
Companies struggling to profit from app strategies

June 10, 2011
Nearly half of all cellcos have licenses in the band

June 02, 2011
Traditional OSS/BSS boundaries and architectures of the last 20 years may be completely redrawn

June 01, 2011
Operators need to form alliances and partnerships with M2M specialists for long-term success

May 31, 2011
Parallels Asia Pacific
Automation of backend processes will eventually lead to higher margins and profitability

May 19, 2011
Billing and OSS Asia
Customized plans can work for frequent business travelers with unlimited emails but charging for extras

May 19, 2011
Investigate IP-over-IP transport and invest in design

April 25, 2011
CEO Supplement
How can service providers cool down the Big Data effect?

April 06, 2011
Many risk falling foul of complex legacy billing systems

April 05, 2011
Use predictive analytics to anticipate customers' needs

April 04, 2011
Revenue deals need to benefit broadcasters and “new media”

March 25, 2011
A holistic approach will help mobile operators improve revenue

Video from Telecom Channel

More to M2M than meets the eye
Telenor Connexion's Gwenn Larsson talks about the growing M2M opportunities and the types of services we can expect telcos to embark on.  

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In addition to penetrating the Chinese wireless broadband sector, ChinaTel is expanding its market presence into Peru

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NSN-Motorola retains top spot, while ZTE moved to No.3 position


Staff writer
Cellphone use may spark conversations with strangers
Staff writer
Lotta Jonsson named product manager for modules