November 15, 2011
4G Americas
This white paper outlines the key advantages of using the digital dividend spectrum for mobile broadband

November 07, 2011
Simplifying and enriching the mobile customer experience

October 31, 2011
4G Americas
The 3GPP standards progress for fast mobile broadband using HSPA+

October 25, 2011
From billions of people to billions of things

October 11, 2011
Elitecore Technologies
Evaluating WiFi for mobile data offload

October 10, 2011
This paper explores six use cases that demonstrate the applications and associated benefits of the Diameter agent in IMS and LTE networks

October 04, 2011
As operators migrate to all-IP networks, many of the functions performed by SS7 are being replaced by equivalent operations based on the Diameter protocol

October 04, 2011
Evolving your tiered pricing for LTE and 3G+

September 23, 2011
Maximizing spectrum utilization

September 20, 2011
4G Americas
This paper explains the evolution of 3GPP technologies and the ITU roadmap that leads to IMT-Advanced and beyond

September 06, 2011
GSM Association
This white paper provides a neutral and balanced view of MIMO technology and its role in the evolution of mobile networks

August 23, 2011
4G Americas
This white paper examines the potential short-term techniques that can be supported by the both the existing wireless networks and PSAPs

August 16, 2011
4G Americas
This white paper describes key SON features and how these capabilities will positively impact network operations in the evolved LTE network

August 11, 2011
Sybase 365
This research report outlines the level of IPX deployments to date and carriers' future implementation plans

July 19, 2011
Femto Forum
This paper provides an operator friendly guide to the LTE femtocell architecture options outlined in the 3GPP standard

Ovum's Nicole McCormick outlines why mobile operators are having to use pricing to protect their data revenues

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