April 21, 2017
Nicole McCormick/Ovum

But the development that only delays M&A, which is inevitable

April 18, 2017
Sarah McBride/Ovum

Spectrum assigned during the $822m auction has been allocated on a technology-neutral basis

April 11, 2017
Michael Philpott/Ovum

Vendors must act quickly to fix security flaws to maintain consumer trust

April 07, 2017
Rob Gallagher/Ovum

2017 will mark the year OTT video provides began intensely investing in local content

March 31, 2017
Daryl Schoolar/Ovum

The vendor hopes a leaner company also means a company with more profit and revenue growth

March 29, 2017
Enrique Velasco-Castillo/Analysys Mason

Four digital payments insights from Analysys Mason’s Digital Economy Readiness Index

March 28, 2017
Taylor Lam/Analysys Mason

Enterprise ICT provides an opportunity for steady growth for operators in the region

March 24, 2017
Amrish Kacker/Analysys Mason

The emerging market model is likely to be the most disruptive to telcos and the financial system

March 23, 2017
Michele Mackenzie & Tom Rebbeck / Analysys Mason

As a result the focus was on competition between LTE variants

March 20, 2017
Rob Gallagher/Ovum

As predicted, Mobile World Congress marked a turning point for mobile video, in more ways than one

March 13, 2017
Phil Marshall/Tolaga Research

Fast speeds alone will not be sufficient to unlock the benefits of the nascent mobile technology  

March 07, 2017
ABI analysts

5G’s higher capacity, lower latency and better network uniformity will be critical

March 02, 2017
Tony Gunnarsson/Ovum

CEO Reed Hastings urges cellcos to offer tariffs allowing consumers to watch unlimited video content

March 01, 2017
Ronan de Renesse/Ovum

As long as you speak English or German, that is

February 24, 2017
Pamela Clark-Dickson/Ovum

Key themes at next week's event will include advanced RCS, CPaaS and WebRTC