“Are you ready to transform for Growth?”

Rick Halton/HP
09 Dec 2010

If your business is a communications service provider (CSP), then you know that technology relevant to your market is emerging at a dizzying rate. Accompanied by a swarm of technologies like IMS, 4G, LTE, SON SmartGrid, M2M and Cloud, the innovation that drives the world of communications service providers is evolving almost daily. As these innovations arise to meet new customer demands, they also raise customer expectations.

In this dynamic environment, it’s easy to let the flurry of technologies obscure your vision of what your business objectives are—to get focused on whether your business has the latest technical capabilities rather than making rational decisions about when to adopt new technologies and how to make them contribute to business goals. And the key thing to remember is this: As changing customer demands drive the reinvention of communications technology, the challenge for CSPs is to reinvent the business – or transform.

Become a business creator

For a decade, transformation meant cost cutting and growth meant watching the horizon for the next big technology wave. But the ground has shifted. Today the companies that create new value will not simply rethink what is. They will see around the corner to what could be. They will search the market seams, uncovering hidden value that others miss. They will surge forward, forcefully answering the call to Ignite Growth.

But transforming for growth requires a seismic shift. CSPs must now focus on delivering business outcomes vs. technology outcomes. They must transition from managing networks of wires to managing networks of information. From delivering a cost proposition to creating a value proposition. From being service providers to being service creators - and enable the Instant-On Enterprise that not only responds in real-time to increasingly demanding consumer expectations – but anticipates them.

We call this transformation to growth T2B

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