2007 Network industry graveyard

01 Nov 2007

By Network World Staff

IT and network industry watchers are ghoulishly fascinated with death. The SCO Group death watch, for example, started well before the embattled company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in September. Also, we've run stories this year with headlines such as 'Is Fibre Channel Dead‾'and 'Are standalone IPSs dead‾'and 'Is free nationwide wireless broadband dead‾'

While none of those things is technically dead, other technologies, companies and concepts have met their demise. View our slideshow to pay your respects.

BlackBerry and Skype networks

BlackBerry addicts went into big-time panic mode when RIM's network for their surgically attached devices blacked out the night of April 17.

RIM explained that the outage was caused by a small bit of new code and a problem in the network's failover process.

Skype's VoIP network died for two days in August, the apparent victim of bunches of customers downloading Microsoft patches and rebooting their computers at about the same time. Skype softened the blow by offering a week's free service for paying customers.

Harry Potter"&brkbar;the worm

A worm called W32/Hairy-A circulated this summer that told victims that 'Harry Potter is Dead.' As we hope you know by now if you're reading this, the young wizard survived the final edition of J.K. Rowling's series, though the worm itself fizzled out.

Palm's Foleo smartphone

In an embarrassing setback for Palm, the handheld pioneer in September announced it had scrapped its Foleo project, a two-and-a-half-pound 'smart phone companion.'There was actually no shortage of people lining up to take credit for killing off the device.

DRM music

No, not all music enveloped with digital rights management is dead, but the march to the graveyard has begun.

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