3D or not 3D: The road ahead for TV

Broadcast Australia
22 Oct 2010

3D TV is the latest phenomenon to hit the small screen, and looks almost certain to play a role in TV’s future. While it is still early days in terms of consumer technology, the signs suggest that demand is very much present. Major 3D feature films—and their subsequent release on 3D Blu-Ray discs for in-home viewing—are paving the way towards a screen-based home entertainment landscape that will include 3D gaming and live-to-air 3D TV as the accepted norm.

It is time to start laying the foundations for a new and dynamic 3D TV environment. As an important TV delivery platform, terrestrial television needs to be factored into the equation early. It is essential that appropriate policies—with regard to applicable standards, licensing frameworks and spectrum—are put in place now to provide an evolution path for the future deployment of terrestrial 3D TV services.

This white paper provides an overview of the current 3D TV environment, including the consumer proposition and drivers for deployment, as well as consider the various technology options, how they work, and what issues need to be addressed in order to make 3D TV successful.

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