AIS introduces self-service at contact centers

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Thailand's AIS has upgraded its customer contact center system in a bid to provide a consistent, enhanced and personalized customer experience for its growing subscriber base.

The new system now routes up to 70% of all customer calls to a self-service system.

The self-service capacity allows subscribers to gain access to services such as activating their SIM card, subscribing to roaming services or selecting rewards, without dealing with long queues.

Leveraging Avaya’s Self-Service solution, AIS' Advanced Contact Centers (ACC) have streamlined customer care and enhanced personalized live agent support at its contact centers located in Bangkok and Korat.

The centers currently employ 3,300 customer service employees, serving 40 million subscribers nationwide.

Smartphone users in Thailand are expected to reach 20 million in 2016 and this is expected to soar further with the introduction of 4G commercial services this year. Demand for more sophisticated, seamless and highly reliable broadband connectivity from business is also expected to escalate as Thailand’s digital economy accelerates.

ACC saw the digital transformation of its contact center as a critical enabler in the new economy. The new self service system will ensure a consistent customer experience for AIS’s 11 million calls it receives through its contact centers every month.

In the past, each customer call routed to a live agent can cost between 50 to 100 baht ($1.42 to $2.84), depending on the competency level of the agent. In contrast, the new system means that each call costs only 1 baht for ACC.

The new system also provides capabilities for ACC to identify and categorize AIS’s customer calls and the services they require before matching them with the right agents trained to help specific service requests or customer types.


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