Akamai picks up FastSoft in newest M&A

Rob Powell/Telecom Ramblings
14 Sep 2012

Cloud and CDN giant Akamai made another technology M&A move today, announcing the acquisition of FastSoft.

FastSoft provides content acceleration software that optimizes TCP, one of the protocols that underlies the internet, called FastTCP.

The vanilla implementation of TCP is great for small payload web pages, but not optimal for the video and other digital content of today. FastSoft’s technology dynamically adjusts its parameters based on the data being sent and the congestion that is measured on the connection. The result is better usage of the same bandwidth and faster file transfers for end users.

Akamai intends to integrate FastSoft’s algorithms into its cloud infrastructure portfolio, helping to optimize server capacity, network throughput, and overall efficiency.

The FastSoft team will be integrated into the company’s engineering group, establishing a ‘Center for Excellence’ in Pasadena, home of Caltech where the company’s technology first got started.

Financial details were not disclosed, but won’t have a material impact. This was about acquiring the tech and the talent, not the revenues and EBITDA.

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