Amartus NGOSS suite targets service layer automation

Kate Gerwig
01 Oct 2010

Deploying next-generation services requires great agility, which can't be achieved without reinventing operations support systems (OSSs) to work across different networks and with multiple vendors' equipment and across different networks.


service layer

That radical change may have arrived. Amartus, a Dublin-based, relative newcomer to the OSS market, has rolled out Service Commander, a solution that may be the best example so far of what NGOSS is supposed to look like.

The company's founders work closely with standards groups developing NGOSS frameworks, with the goal of speeding the design, deployment and operation of cloud, mobile, residential and enterprise offerings.

Service Commander, which launched in August, is a next-gen service management solution to automate connectivity service delivery (Carrier Ethernet, IP/MPLS and optical transport. Additional services will probably be added in the future).

Amartus is targeting a wide swath of potential customers, including service providers, equipment vendors and systems integrators.

Amartus co-founder Michael Kearns says Service Commander can be integrated into existing OSSs or be deployed in greenfield networks that don't have to deal with legacy systems.

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