Analytics beyond the hype: CSPs achieve tangible benefits

09 Sep 2013

This Northstream white paper examines the opportunities for communications service providers (CSPs) to improve all areas of their business through the applications of data analytics. With ongoing expansion of data sources, data types and data volumes, CSPs are facing the opportunities and challenges of big data.

Big data is a buzz term used loosely to describe everything from the world's largest data sets to the call records of a modestly sized CSP. There is hype surrounding big data, but it is also important to acknowledge that CSPs are achieving quantifiable improvements through analysis of subscriber, network and third party data.

Data analytics is used to optimize operational efficiency, customer experience and financial performance.

This paper explains how data analytics works in the context of the CSP and why some of the new applications are so critical to performance. It illustrates the structure of data analytics solutions and provides numerous application examples within a framework spanning the telecom business.

This white paper was originally posted on Northstream

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