Anritsu offers trouble-finder for 850 MHz networks

Staff writer
02 Feb 2012

Anritsu now offers its MW8208A PIM Master, a test solution that brings the company’s Distance-to-PIM technology to 850 MHz cellular band applications.

Distance-to-PIM helps make the MW8208A to allow field technicians and engineers to accurately and quickly locate the source of passive intermodulation (PIM), whether it is in the base station antenna system or in the surrounding environment.

Users can uncover the distance and relative magnitude of all static PIM faults simultaneously, including those resulting from dirty connectors, corroded connectors, over-torqued connectors, and microscopic arcing connectors.

The MW8208A also uses double power at 40W, which simulates real-world power that activates the PIM that might not otherwise be activated by 20W systems.

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