APAC shoppers want tablets for home and work

Enterprise Innovation editors
12 Feb 2014
Daily News

More than a third (35%) of consumers in Asia Pacific want a tablet for both work and play while 25% are also keen on notebooks and ultrabook devices for the new year, according to an online survey by Microsoft.

The Tech Wishlist survey, conducted in November 2013 and covered 1,300 consumers in 10 Asia-Pacific countries, showed that respondents are looking for a full-fledged mobile computing device as the lines between their professional work and personal lives blur.

Also, the survey revealed that it is increasingly common for consumers in the region to own multiple devices, with more than 53% having at least a desktop PC, notebook and a smartphone. However, the survey showed that 67% are wishing for a more unified user experience across their multiple devices.

Further, 56% of those polled said that they wake up to a social media, email or messaging app first thing in the morning. The top three genre of apps used in their daily commute were social media, messaging and music apps.

However, in terms of paid apps, respondents said that they are more likely to pay for games (32%), books and magazines (24%) and utilities (24%) apps for their devices rather than social media apps (10%) or messaging apps (13%).

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