Apple urged to stop «poisoning Chinese workers»

Dylan Bushell-Embling
12 Mar 2014

Two advocacy groups are calling for a boycott of Apple devices over claims the vendor is needlessly exposing Chinese manufacturing workers to harmful chemicals.

US non-governmental organisations Green America and China Labor Watch are urging consumers to make a no-upgrade commitment until Apple stops “poisoning Chinese workers.”

In a statement, the groups claim it would cost Apple less than a dollar per device to revamp its suppliers' assembly practices in order to stop “needlessly exposing workers in Chinese manufacturing facilities to toxic chemicals now causing severe illnesses.”

The two organisations will today publish a documentary and action toolkit for consumers looking to get involved in the protest.

China Labor Watch was one of the loudest voices calling for Apple to force its contract manufactures to improve conditions for workers following the spate of suicides at manufacturing giant Foxconn in 2009-2010. Foxconn since agreed to improve its employment practices following an audit requested by Apple.

Last year, China Labor Watch also accused fellow Apple manufacturing partner Pegatron of 86 labor rights violations.

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