Apple wins $290m more from Samsung in retrial

Apple wins $290m more from Samsung in retrial

Dylan Bushell-Embling  |   November 22, 2013
A US jury has upheld $290 million worth of the $410.5 million in damages under dispute during a retrial of a key Apple-Samsung patent infringement lawsuit.
The jury decided on the $290 million figure yesterday following a week-long trial, Bloomberg reported
In March, US district judge Lucy Koh cut $410.5 million from the $1.05 billion in damages imposed on Samsung during an earlier trial after finding that jurors had not followed instructions while calculating the figure.
She ordered the just-concluded trial to reassess how much of the $410.5 million should be restored. Apple had sought to restore $380 million of the additional damages, while Samsung wanted the figure cut to $52 million.
This week an appeals court also granted Apple permission to pursue an injunction against some of the older Samsung devices at issue in the original trial.
But Apple has been told it can only pursue injunctions based on alleged infringement of patents covering smartphone features such as multitouch, and not based on its patented designs.
The case is still subject to appeals on both sides.
Bloomberg notes that Koh is due to hear a new Apple-Samsung case in March, this one covering technology in newer smartphones including the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3.
Dylan Bushell-Embling


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